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Mum accidentally feeds her kids dog biscuits. Because they haven't eaten worse before.

We’ve all done it: picked up something off the supermarket shelf thinking it was something completely different.

Like buying skim milk instead of whole milk. Or purchasing a packet of adult diapers instead of overnight pads.

But one Sydney mum’s shopping mistake really takes the cake.

Tania Toomey was just trying to buy some snacks for her kids to take to school, when she spotted a packet of Scooby-Doo branded biscuits next to the Tiny Teddies in the biscuit aisle of her local supermarket.

Totally delicious, right?

“Put in lunch boxes and kids came home and said ‘yuck they are disgusting’,” she wrote on Facebook.

Image via Facebook.

It was then that Tania realised her mistake: she had actually bought and fed her children a packet of treats meant for dogs instead of biscuits.


Luckily, the Scooby Snacks are "human friendly", and contains ingredients like margarine, sugar, carob chocolate, rolled oats and egg.

And while the snacks are labelled "pet food only" and promise to promote "skin and coat health" while "treating your pet as you train them", it's easy to see how the child-friendly cartoon character on the packet can be a little... confusing.

Especially when you're a busy mum who's just trying to get the weekly grocery shop over and done with a quickly a possible.

Among the 7000 replies on Tania's post were jokes that her children were now "digging holes" and "scratching behind their ears" after eating the snacks.

kid eating dog food
Hey, at least the kids weren't doing this... right? Image via Getty.

Some even noted that despite the fact the children were fed pet food, the snacks were probably healthier than a lot of the "people-food" also available in store.

And when you think about it, kids consume far worse things than human-friendly dog treats over the course of an average day.

A bit of dirt, a few boogers, maybe a bite of a bar of soap or a wriggly worm.

Perhaps even a Vegemite and cheese sandwich that's been squashed at the bottom of their schoolbag for a day or two.

Compared to those options, rolled oats and egg are hardly the worst.

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