Kyle Sandilands shared a story about Delta Goodrem and Brian McFadden he shouldn't have.


Not that we should be at all surprised, but on Tuesday morning Kyle Sandilands said something on his KIIS FM radio show he probably shouldn’t have.

After playing the 2004 song Almost Here, a duet by Delta Goodrem and Brian McFadden, Sandilands offered an anecdote.

“I remember when I’d have them around my house and they were in love and sometimes would spit in each other’s mouth,” the radio host shared.

A horrified Jackie O responded: “Why?”

“Fun, they said fun…” Sandilands said. “I always thought ‘Wow! That’s weird’.

“Delta would sit with her mouth open and Brian would spit into her mouth and Delta would spit back into his mouth,” he added. Jackie O called the game “gross” and retorted that she would “throw up” if anyone ever spat into her mouth.

For some background, 47-year-old Sandilands and 38-year-old McFadden were once close friends. They fell out in 2012, after Sandilands, who was set to be a groomsmen at the former Westlife singer’s wedding, pulled out at the last minute.

In 2017, Sandilands said on his radio show, “This is what I do for every wedding. I wake up in the morning and then I text them saying, ‘I’m extremely ill and I won’t be able to attend’.

“I’ve lost quite a few [friends] by not attending their weddings. God they get in a bloody flap over it,” he added.


Whether you’ve had a falling out or not, you’d think sharing intimate details about a former friend’s relationship habits might be off limits. And that’s if the details are even true.

McFadden and Goodrem started dating after their duet was released in 2004, and were engaged in 2007. Their relationship ended in 2011 after seven years together, and according to sources both signed a confidentiality agreement which stated they were not to speak publicly about the reasons for parting.

In July 2012, then 27-year-old Goodrem made her first somewhat cryptic public comment about her relationship break up with Vogue Australia.

“I was really unhappy and I didn’t know how to get out. I learnt. I got there in the end…” she said.

Goodrem added in a 60 Minutes episode soon after that she regrets not leaving the relationship earlier, and concluded they were two very different people.

McFadden retaliated with a number of tweets, including: “Sometimes silence is golden. People love to try and deflect attention from their own downfalls onto others,” and “I’m not considering legal action. I wouldn’t Stoop as low as her. If I did it would change everything. But I’m happy!”

Since, Goodrem has made a few offhanded remarks about her past relationships, laughing on a 2015 episode of The Voice, “I mean, in front of the whole country, I’ve had a few duds.”


Now, Goodrem has been publicly humiliated by yet another ‘dud’, who perhaps ought to have kept that story to himself.

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