Movie night in with the boyfriend, and a sex tape.






You know what it’s like when you first fall for someone and every little thing they do is AMAZING?

You literally cannot keep your hands off each other, and you are certain, absolutely CERTAIN, that you will never become one of those boring couples that would rather catch up on sleep then, ahem, get intimate.

Then, the years pass by. You both work. Maybe you get married. There’s the daily grind of housework, bills, sick pets. And if you throw kids into the mix? Well, (I’m told) that brings a whole new level of crazy and exhaustion into your lives – so it’s no surprise that your sex lives eventually take a hit.

Suddenly, seeing your partner naked becomes pretty routine and even the most healthy, loving couples can take each other for granted sometimes.

In fact, I’ll go so far as to say, show me a couple in a long term relationship who has never felt the need to “bring the spice back” at one point or another and I’ll show you a liar.

That’s pretty much the idea behind Sex Tape. I watched this recently with The Boyfriend and we were laughing out loud within minutes.

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Without giving too much away, the delightful Cameron Diaz stars as Annie, a “mummy blogger” who is married to Jay (a weirdly trim-looking Jason Segel).

The pair met in college and in the early days, they got freaky whenever they could – parks, cars, libraries, you name it.

Two kids, two careers and quite a few years later, they now find themselves needing to schedule sexy times in around work, kids and, you know, life.

What could possibly go wrong, guys? Well, a lot. A whole lot. Technology (and a hella creepy kid) strikes. Let’s just say the tape makes it out into the wider world (of course it does) and it’s a race against time to get it back.


Now, I admit, I didn’t have the highest of hopes for this movie – I kind of assumed it would be heavy on bro-style humour which is not always my cup of tea.

But don’t be fooled by the title of the movie. At its heart, Sex Tape is a moving, albeit hilarious, romantic comedy that shows the highs and lows of modern family life and the realities of long term relationships.

Jason Segel was a scream and he and Diaz definitely had chemistry. There is also a great supporting cast including Jack Black, Rob Lowe, Rob Corddry and Ellie Kemper.

The sex tape fiasco was absurd but also strangely believable – you can kind of imagine yourself in the same situation.

It also comes with a lovey-dovey message about the need to appreciate your partner, reconnect and remember why the two of you crazy kids hooked up in the first place – making it perfect date night fodder.

There is enough action and jokes to keep the guys happy but it’s also a clear girl’s night film – there’s plenty of warm and fuzzies in there and Diaz’s struggles as a working mum striving to balance her relationship, job and kids is utterly, utterly relatable.

In short, I really, really liked it. I liked the idea behind it, I liked the message, I liked the cast and I liked the humour.

It’s also inspired me to organise a date night with The Boyfriend. But don’t worry – there will DEFINITELY be no filming of any kind.


Although having your sex tape leaked is awkward, everyone know’s that it was most likely not intended to be seen by other people. What is even more awkward? Having family photos like these taken on purpose …


Hollywood Superstars Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel reunite as a married couple in the hilarious, new comedy Sex Tape. When a fun idea to bring the spark back to their relationship backfires, Jay (Segel) and Annie (Diaz) find themselves on a wild night of adventure to not only reclaim their video but their dignity, their sanity and most importantly, their marriage.