Lawyers and nurses, rejoice: here are the "most-swiped" jobs on dating apps.

Faking your resume before a job interview is one thing. Faking your resume to land a date, and possibly a relationship, is something else entirely.

But it’s like to occur now the most ‘popular’ job on the dating app Happn has been revealed.

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Research from the dating network has shown lawyers are more ‘sought after’ than any other professional on Happn, for both men and women. 

As well as this, lawyers and finance professionals are the two jobs that match the most in Australia, a press release from the company revealed today.

More specifically, males who are lawyers, engineers, doctors, carpenters or electricians are more sought after than males in any other profession.

The most popular professionals. Image via Happn.

For women, it's the lawyers, nurses, teachers, marketing professionals and accountants who are in high demand.

As well as the information on professionals, Happn also looked into patterns of star signs.

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Turns out Libras have the most presence on Happn, while Pisces are the most sought after. Capricorns are in the position of most power: they have the least presence on the platform, and they're the second most popular.

There's only one thing for it: Pretending to be a Capricorn lawyer is the best approach in looking for love.