The world's most popular engagement ring for 2017 is not what we expected.

No pressure or anything, but it’s time to stop what you’re pinning and pay attention because the most popular engagement ring of all time has been named, and, well, we’re kind of surprised, to be honest.

According to Pinterest, a custom-made Art Deco style ring designed for Sylvia Billone has been pinned an astonishing 103,900 times.

Billone's custom-designed ring the most the most popular engagment ring on Pinterest. Source: Pinterest.

The design is simple and understated, but ever-so-classic at the same time, and unlike many engagement rings, truly timeless.

"The solitaire ring is 1.22 karats with a two-millimeter-width rose gold band," Billone has written alongside her images of the ring.

Billone, who also wears a custom-designed wedding band alongside the engagement ring, says prior to having the ring designed she too looked to Pinterest for inspiration.

And while the price of the ring is not known, it's safe to say this is one piece of jewellery that's definitely being saved as we speak. Take note, gentlemen.

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