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mamamia-user-284833945 March 25, 2022

Congratulations and many of your tips can apply to anyone trying to pay off a mortgage or save for a goal. However in order to pay $100k off your mortgage a year you have to have the capacity to earn more than that! Sadly that is a pipe dream for many, no matter how many hours a week they work.

mamamia-user-284833945 March 16, 2022

My son and I are heading to the USA in June. Thanks for the helpful tips!

mamamia-user-284833945 September 3, 2021

I feel for you and everyone who can't be with their fathers on Father's Day (and every other special day that has been disrupted by Covid-19) but it is even sadder when your dad has passed. My dad died suddenly 3 days before Father's Day 1996. It has been a sad day ever since.

mamamia-user-284833945 August 31, 2021

Crikey have provided his mobile phone number and office numbers so you can spam him back!

Jenny Blair March 25, 2020

I can't stop laughing at that selfie of Stacey.

Jenny Blair July 12, 2019

Not only may GI Joe not have known, he may not even be the one responsible for the infection. You can be infected and it can lay dormant for a long time until a stressful event triggers it. I know of a case where the woman's husband infected her, but her first blister didn't occur until 12 months after their last intercourse.

Jenny Blair July 2, 2019

I totally agree - this series is a hidden gem and more people should be watching it. I love the character of the helpful local drug dealer (Patrick Brammall) and Celeste Barber is hilarious as usual.

Jenny Blair May 27, 2019

As a parent of a son with autism I also felt similarly to the author while watching The Project last night. Other news outlets have also reported that the accused had possible delusional disorder, possible autism spectrum disorder and a confirmed prior diagnosis of ADHD. None of these conditions causes violence on their own and to tar people with these diagnoses with the same brush as the accused killer is stigmatising and plain wrong. Why can't they just report that the accused had mental health issues that were not being treated appropriately and was using illicit drugs which is far more likely to be the cause of the violence?

Jenny Blair April 8, 2019

You ladies have nailed it again!

Jenny Blair November 15, 2018

Tom Cruise is 170cm not 180cm tall. He is famously shorter than Nicole Kidman (180cm)

Jenny Blair June 22, 2018

Spag Bog definitely (Melbourne)

Jenny Blair May 16, 2018

Agree wholeheartedly.

Jenny Blair March 25, 2018

Hmm, Melbourne - the capital of writing and personal training? I'm blime-fibed.

Jenny Blair February 21, 2018

Nailed it again!

Jenny Blair February 8, 2018

Great idea, but I hope they've got a kit in their school bags and car too - your period doesn't always start when you're at home!

Jenny Blair February 7, 2018

Yes both parties have done wrong -no matter what excuses they make it is simply morally wrong.

Jenny Blair November 14, 2017

Unfortunately #SSM has not been legalised yet - it is only the announcement of the result of the public vote. We still need the pollies to do the right thing.

Jenny Blair June 23, 2017

This extract tells you nothing about saving money only about spending it - what a load of crap!

Jenny Blair June 8, 2017

Elderly relatives/friends do not have email!

Jenny Blair June 5, 2017

I would suspect that she does not want to be identified publicly as is the right of any victim.