"Dear everyone, please stop doing these 11 things in the gym."

Image via HBO/Sex and The City. 

Going to the gym should be a simple act. But for some types, the gym seems to be a hybrid between a catwalk and a social club. To help sort the normal gym goers from these types. I’ve compiled some friendly (if firm) reminders about what is and definitely isn’t acceptable during a gym sesh.

1. Please don’t talk to me.

No, not everyone attends the gym to make friends. Particularly not while running on a treadmill. If you see me sweating profusely and struggling to inhale air, now is not the best time to strike up a convo with me.

2. Don’t invade my personal space.

If the gym is empty except for a few people, it’s safe to assume those people want their space. So don’t use the treadmill directly next to me when there are 10 other free ones on the other side of the room.

3. Put your weights away.

Leaving weights out or in the way is not OK. It never will be. 

4. Ditto hovering.

Don't hover near me while you're waiting to use the weights or machine that I am currently on... it'is hard enough as it is without an audience.

5. Stop taking selfies.

Mate, we're here to work out. Weights + selfies = a dangerous situation. (Post continues after gallery.)

6. Wipe down the equipment after you use it.

Especially when there are paper towels DIRECTLY NEXT TO THE EQUIPMENT.

7. Stop hogging two machines.

Please don't leave a towel on a bench, walk away to do something else and then when I go to use it say "I'm using that". 

 8. Quit staring intently at yourself in the mirror.

This is faux pas central unless you're Ryan Gosling. I'd stare too if I looked like that...

(Image via Warner Brothers/Crazy Stupid Love.)

9. Stop wearing excessive amounts of perfume/deodorant.

Sure, BO isn't desirable but OTT perfume or deodorant application comes a close second.

10. Don't spit into the drink fountain.

If I had never been to a gym I wouldn't believe this but it's true. Hocking something up and spitting it into the drinking fountain is never OK.

11. Up your bathroom etiquette.

Plucking gray hairs in the gym bathroom is not cool. Neither is putting your naked bum three inches from my face when you're getting dressed next to me in the change rooms.

What would you love people to stop doing in the gym?