Socialite adopts orphan. Returns him after one night.





A woman who appears to be the Romanian equivalent to Paris Hilton has adopted a child, only to return him the next day when she discovered that he cries a lot.

When 26-year-old Monica Gabor (formerly Columbeanu) visited the Jiu Placement Centre for Orphans in Bucharest, Romania’s capital, she was particularly taken with a 3-year-old boy and vowed to adopt him on the spot.

“He will not lack for anything, particularly parental love,” she promised them.

When she took him home for the night, he became distressed. He cried, as babies cry, and she felt out of her depth.

Gabor went back to return the boy to the orphanage the next morning.

This story is surreal.

Paris Hilton and Monica Gabor open a milkshake shop in Beijing.

Monica was originally from neighbouring Moldova, and she shot to fame aged just 18 when she married Romanian millionaire businessman Irinel Columbeanu. However, their marriage ended abruptly four years ago, and Columbeanu was awarded custody of their child.

The trip to the orphanage was part of a PR tour Gabor staged shortly after the breakup which, according to Romanian tabloid Libertatea, was designed to convince the Romanian public that she was lovelier than the local press made her out to be.

The owners of the orphanage allege Monica was simply unable to cope with the child.

They told Libertatea:

“Monica wanted to spend a weekend with the boy that she wanted to adopt. But the child could not adapt. In the evening, when she put him to bed, he began to cry and could not sleep. The next day she took him back to the orphanage.

“The question of adoption was simply stopped at that point because quite simply she didn’t want him any more.”

Apparently the child doesn’t remember the incident.

Which is probably for the best.