Molly Meldrum explains the reason he interrupted Samuel Johnson's Gold Logies speech.

TV and entertainment legend Molly Meldrum has offered an apology to the Australian public after he caused a stir by interrupting Samuel Johnson’s Gold Logies acceptance speech.

As the actor – who won the night’s biggest award for his role as the 74-year-old in Channel Seven’s Molly mini-series – was thanking friends and family, Meldrum stormed the stage and began telling a series of anecdotes about the star and his family.

He also dropped a few F-bombs along the way.

Samuel Johnson Molly Meldrum on logies stage
Molly ended his speech by giving Samuel Johnson his own "Molly" hat. Image via Channel 9.

Despite Sam telling press he was "really flattered" by Molly's words and acknowledging the music legend "meant well" with his Kanye-style interruption, Molly has profusely apologised to anyone he might have offended.


"I profusely apologise if I upset anyone," Meldrum told News Corp.

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"I'm so very proud of Sam. Everyone should be proud of him. His [acceptance] speech for his sister Connie was beautiful and his charity work is simply amazing. He's gone through a lot lately.

"And if people had problems understanding what I was trying to say, well, that's nothing new for me."

samuel johnson as molly meldrum
Samuel Johnson played Molly Meldrum in a TV mini-series. Image via Channel Seven.

Molly added that he simply wanted to go up on stage to give Sam the hat - a gold stetson that Meldrum had made himself - and that the moment "took him by surprise".

"I wasn't sure if he'd win the gold, not that he didn't deserve it...I got a bit caught up in the moment," he said.

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