MKR fans say goodbye to Anna and Jordan. And they're not happy about it.

They were crowd favourites, a mother and son pair with passion, determination and a bond that made our hearts melt. But last night My Kitchen Rules bid farewell to Anna and Jordan.

And fans are not happy.

Controversial couple Lauren and Carmine have moved through to the next round after wowing the judges with their simple but well-executed sous vide chicken.

Crowd favourites failed to impress. (Image via Channel 7/ My Kitchen Rules Facebook)

Anna and Jordan's oyster entre was too "full on" for Manu, and inconsistencies in their angel hair pasta didn't go down well. While judge Colin said the flavour was great, it wasn't enough to impress him.

Did Jordan's jokes cost them valuable time? (post continues after video):

Video via Channel 7

"It’s a dish I’d like to eat if I was out with a glass of wine in the sun," he said. "But is it semi-final?"


According fan comments on the show's social media pages, the judges had it all wrong, with some suggesting the show's judging was geared for ratings.

Apparently the judges felt like chicken tonight. (Image via Channel 7/ My Kitchen Rules Facebook)

"I'm still shaking my head that Lauren is there," posted one Facebook user. "I guess it gets the ratings up but for me has the opposite effect and thinking MKR may not be for next year if it is so obviously set up. Please let the skill win."

Several others claimed the results were "rigged".

"No MKR you haven't left the best to last!" wrote one angry fan. "If you would have left the best to last Anna and Jordan would have been in the final!"

"This is rigged," posted another. "Loren and Carmon (sic) do not belong in the final. Should have been out in the first round."

It's not the first time this season fans have been frustrated with the show's structure. Social media was abuzz with criticism when two of the strongest teams were pitted against each other in an early elimination challenge.

The face off between “The Italians”, Martino and Luciano, and Melbourne lawyers Gianni and Zana was advertised as “the grand final has come early”.

But fans were sad to see a strong team booted off so soon. "This is crap… I am going to boycott unless both go through," wrote one fan on the show’s Facebook page. "They are the best cooks in this show, and if either were to go, the show will be the biggest loser for it!"

As this tumultuous season of tears, tantrums and tarragon wraps up, it seems the only thing we can be sure of is DRAMA.