Miss World Australia finalists were pressured into boob jobs and botox, contestant claims.

Following the crowning of Miss World Universe, a Southern Australian contestant has come forth with disturbing claims, alleging that participants were pressured into cosmetic procedures in order to remain competitive in the competition.

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According to 20-year-old Tiana Della-Putta, chosen as one of five Melbourne competitors to participate in the national event, the finalists were encouraged to undergo botox, hair extensions and breast augumentation procedures, the Adelaide Advertiser reports.
Without these upgrades, the women would allegedly not be deemed “pageant worthy”.

  Madeline Crowe was crowned Miss Wolrd Australia on July 22, 2016
"The minute we were there, we were constantly made to feel that poorly about ourselves," Tiana said.
"I didn't want to be involved and, by Wednesday I wanted to leave. I didn't want to be involved in something that was so fake."
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Pageant director Deborah Miller has since hit back, saying the claims have no basis for truth and are likely a result of the contestant's loss.
"I've been in pageantry for a long time - I've heard this before," Miller claimed.


  Pageant director Deborah Miller (left). Image source: Getty Images.


22-year old Madeline Crowe of Queensland was crowned Miss World Australia at nationals, while Tiana failed to make the national top five.


"I find these comments quite defamatory and untruthful," Miller said, "...we don't want these girls smearing our top five girls, and that's what they're doing."



Roommate of Tiana and fellow contestant, Yasya King, also shared her less scandalous opinion on the event, claiming that the pageant was merely a "disheartening experience."