Five insane details you might have missed in Miley Cyrus' Mother's Daughter film clip.


“Don’t f*ck with my freedom.”

That’s the message behind Miley Cyrus‘ new feminist anthem ‘Mother’s Daughter’ – a song which reflects a sentiment held by women all over the world in the current political climate.

An unapologetic banger by every definition, the film clip released today is equally as brimming with messages of female empowerment, sexual expression, gender identity and inclusion as the lyrics themselves.

Amid the shots of Miley clad in a blood-red latex bodysuit and ’90s goggles as a throwback to Britney Spears’ iconic ‘Oops!…I Did It Again’ film clip is a slew of activist cameos, political statements (including a nod to the “free the nipple” movement via a set of deflating balloons), and biblical references a la A Handmaid’s Tale.

While it’s certainly not subtle in its powerful message, many of its references might have been missed.

Here are five details you might have overlooked during the first watch of the epic film clip.

1. Biblical references.

Among the images of women breastfeeding, a close up of a C-section scar, a menstruation pad and other elements of the female body that carry an element of taboo are literal messages of women taking back ownership of their bodies.

Phrases like “virginity is a social construct”, “feminist AF”, and “my body, my rules” flash up on the screen, while towards the end of the clip a French phrase – l’heroisme de la chair – translating to “the heroism of the flesh”, seems to oppose a biblical reference to “sins of the flesh” such as fornication.


It’s all very Madonna.

Activist Melanie Sierra seemingly channels religious imagery of the Virgin Mary as she breastfeeds in a halo-crown. Image: Youtube.

2. Joan of Arc.

While the red catsuit instantly calls back to the 'Oops!...I Did It Again' film clip we watched on repeat in our youth, Miley dons a gold suit of armour and sword while atop a horse during the clip.


This is, of course, a nod to Joan of Arc, a national heroine of France turned saint upheld to this day as a feminist icon.

Miley as Joan of Arc. Image: Youtube.

3. "Vagina Dentata".

A bejewelled vagina dentata – Latin for toothed vagina – is one of the more daring costume choices in the clip. One that evokes a sense of danger to deflect the male gaze.


The reference comes from a folk tale where a woman's vagina is said to contain teeth, implying that sexual intercourse would result in castration for the man involved.

Bejewelled vagina dentata. Image: Youtube.

4. Gender inclusivity.

Miley – who came out as pansexual and gender neutral in 2015 – celebrates trans, disabled, plus-size and non-binary bodies throughout the clip through an array of guest appearances.


Model Aaron Philip, a trans woman of colour who lives with a disability features heavily, along with model, actress and body positivity activist Angelina Duplisea, and trans model Casil McArthur.

In one shot, skateboarder Lacey Baker – who is gender non-binary themselves – wears a they/them t-shirt to encourage the use of proper pronouns in mainstream media.

Lacey Baker. Image: Youtube.

5. Miley's mum.

Quite literally dripping with Chanel (no, seriously, even the tea cup) Miley's mum Tish – an actress, producer and above all else the inspiration behind the song's lyrics – also stars in the clip. We just can't get enough of this image of them casually having a cuppa together on the couch:

Miley and Tish Cyrus. Image: Youtube.

Excuse us while we watch it again for the sixth-millionth time.