Mia Freedman and Leigh Sales on all the things women talk about when they're alone.

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A few Sundays ago in Sydney, a whole lot of smart women and a few wise men came together at a small theatre to hear one of Australia’s most admired and talked-about media women, Leigh Sales talk to another, Mia Freedman. 

They were there to discuss Mia’s new book, Work, Strife, Balance, but – as was entirely predictable – the interview veered in all sorts of unexpected directions, which is why we decided to put it out as an episode of No Filter, Mia’s interview podcast. As Mia says:

“This episode of No Filter is a bit different.

Instead of asking the inappropriate questions, I’m answering them.

Yes, I’m in the hot seat, sitting across from one of the world’s most formidable interviewers and journalists, Leigh Sales.

We recorded this interview in front of a live audience as part of the launch of my book Work, Strife Balance.


If you only know Leigh from her work hosting Australia’s leading political and current affairs program 7:30 on the ABC, you’re in for a very special treat because in this interview, as well as learning a bunch of stuff about me, you’ll see a very different side of Leigh – she’s hilarious, warm, loves a laugh, sometimes gets teary and is a true woman’s woman. Listening to this interview you’ll get the sense of what it’s like to be friends with her.

Leigh Sales says the budget "can't get more Labor". (Image via ABC 7.30.)

Watching her craft this interview before and during - was enormous fun. The woman prepares. Leigh truly is at the top of her game right now  - and watching someone you love and admire soaring to such great heights is a buzz.

IN our conversation we talk about work, strife and balance, about friendship and all the things women talk about when they’re alone….in front of 300 people."

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