Where do you want to be in 2016?








As I watched the Olympic Closing Ceremony replay last night, I had two thoughts.

1. God I miss the Spice Girls. I must go and download their greatest hits on itunes. [small pause in thoughts while I did just that]

2. I can’t believe the Olympics are over for another 4 years!

Which led me to my next thought: where will I be when the Olympics is in Rio in 2016? Four years time. The first thing that popped into my head were my kids and how old they would be at the next Olympics: 8, 10 and 18.

Hold me.

Right now, that seems unfathomable. But during the LAST Olympics, in Beijing, I’d just given birth to my youngest son and that seems like the blink of an eye ago.

Funnily enough, I wasn’t the only one looking into the future in wonderment, trepidation and slight horror. The Twitter hashtag “#MyAgeForRio2016” was trending around the world as everyone looked not so much to Rio as into a crystal ball.














Where do you think you’ll be in 2016, the next time we’re debating who should carry our flag, whether athletes should be banned from social media and whether our swimmers will have shaken their Olympicus Horribilius and be cutting up the pool again?

More importantly, where do you HOPE to be? How old? Doing what? Where? And with who?

I’m quite a big believer in putting it out there so let’s.