Who needs a mirrored compact when you can do this?





Shiny mirrored nails are – as Ja’mie King would say – so quiche right now.

The nail look is bold without being too OTT, and it’s the perfect way to lend some edge to an otherwise simple outfit.

Our tip is to keep the nails filed short before trying this trend, lest you be compared to the Evil Queen or Lady Gaga.

There’s one of two ways to get the look; nail wraps are the easiest way to replicate the mirrored look; head to Kit Cosmetics or Priceline to snap them up.

Can’t pull off mirrored nails at your workplace but like the look? Go for a more subtle shade of metallic nail polish. Essie has an excellent metallic collection available now; the rose gold, Penny Talk, is divine.

How to apply mirrored nail wraps:

Start with clean filed nails and remove any excess oils with nail polish remover.

Step one: apply a basecoat, this ensures the nail wraps will be as smooth as possible. (If you’ve recently had gel nails you might want to use a nail treatment underneath the basecoat. Sally Hansen’s Complete Care 4-in-1 treatment is excellent.)

Step two: select the appropriate sized wrap, peel backing and apply it onto the nail with the rounded end to close to the cuticle.

Step three: smooth the sticker down using a nail buff to remove any bubbles.

Step four: trim or file the excess.

Step five: for a longer lasting result apply a top coat over the nail wrap.

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