Behold, a cheaper version of the $220 boots everyone was wearing at Fashion Week.

During Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia, Sydney’s Carriageworks becomes the ultimate outfit-watching spot.

After all, it’s rare you’ll find ballgowns, trackies, gimp masks and bucket hats (admittedly on a group of international tourists who looked a little lost) gathered in the same place.

Listen: We’re obsessed with this instagram account that shows fierce, fab, man-repelling outfits. Post continues after audio.

But there was one item in particular that stood out this week – literally.

In the space of an hour, I saw no less than four people wearing the same pair of boots.

In between shows with @_hollyt ✌???? #MBFWA

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These weren’t your average stable black or brown boots either. Nope, these were in-your-face, loud-and-proud metallic silver boots with a killer heel and a surface so shiny you could see your face in them (maybe that’s the attraction?)

They looked fab.

Can we agree they look fab? Image: Getty

So fab, in fact that model Sasha Byrnes wore hers with three outfits during the week.

EPIC SHOW TONIGHT KIT! ???????????????????????? @kitx TRANSPARENCY / RESORT 18 x

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The only problem? Their owners were scuttling away before I could work up the courage to go over and ask where they were from.


Luckily a spot of Instagram stalking a few hours later revealed they were a $219.95 pair from Tony Bianco.

BREAKING NEWS: these bad boys are now off pre-order. #freddieboot x #tonybianco

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Currently still only available pre-order (but with estimated dispatch next week) you can bet these are going to fly off the (virtual) shelves. Basically, you're about to see these everywhere.

If $220 is a little out of your price range, there are plenty of more budget options to choose from.

This $99.99 pair from Betts have the same great disco ball look, but with a block heel instead of a stiletto, making it comfier and more practical day to day (or night).

Much disco. Image: Betts

And for something (a little) less in your face and more durable, consider these zip up ankle pair from ASOS, $129.

Like a magpie, we are drawn. Image: ASOS

Because they instantly draw attention, they can be used to hide or distract from a multitude of sins. Didn't have time to wash your hair this morning? Chuck on your silver boots! Woke up with a whacking great pimple? The boots! Wearing the same outfit as yesterday? SILVER. BOOTS.

Dropped coffee all over your shirt? You get the picture...

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