This father just explained what makes a 'real man', and it's glorious.

A man who conquered his battle with testicular cancer has shared a heartwarming message for all new fathers.

Posting an image of himself cuddling with his newborn son while his wife sleeps soundly beside him, Imgur user avidclimber offered up a “pro-tip” for dads.

“Real men take care of their baby while mummy takes as many naps as she needs,” he wrote.

dad advice
Image via Imgur.

"She's been through an ordeal," he wrote, continuing to tell fathers to "suck it up and be her dream husband".

The photo has already amassed over 450,000 views on the photo-sharing platform, with many users praising the new dad's selfless efforts.

"Pro dad tip right there!" wrote one, while another shared, "this is the most romantic thing a dad can do."

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"You probably won't see this little ol' comment but you, sir,are amazing. And I love you a little bit," wrote another.

Others couldn't help but point out that while his wife probably enjoyed the extra shut-eye, she may not appreciate a photo of her sleeping being shared online for millions to see.

"She is so going to bruise you for posting her sleeping," one said.

Either way, nothing gets our hearts melting faster than a picture of a cute baby.

Parenting win.

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