Mercury retrograde in Pisces: The reason you suddenly want to cry on public transport.


Perhaps you cried on the bus on your way to work today.

Maybe you’re fighting with your best friend because they didn’t acknowledge the meme you sent them at 2am.

Perhaps you dropped your toast on the floor this morning and stamped your foot and wailed like a small child.

Maybe last night you ate an entire packet of Tim Tams and wept every time Jules and Cam appeared on Married at First Sight, because their love is just too pure and good for this world.


I mean… I did.

Perhaps the mere act of reading this story is making you want to take off your bra and curl up in your bed for a good howlin’.

Don’t worry – you’re not the only one.

You see, it’s currently Pisces season. For the last few weeks, everyone has been a lil’ bit of a hot mess.

There’s been a lot of tears. And many sleepless nights. And small problems have been turned into insurmountable issues.

And now to add to general weepiness of Pisces season, Mercury is in retrograde for the next three weeks.

That means Mercury has already moved through the entire sign of Pisces and it’s now ready to move into Aries. However, it still has to get through this last part of Pisces, so it’s feeling impatient and testy and kind of like a grown adult who’s dropped their toast on the floor and is currently stamping their foot and crying about it.


Pisces is also the final sign of the zodiac, so everything feels rushed and urgent and desperate at the moment.

For the next few weeks, silly miscommunications will turn into big dramas. It will feel like your flight is always delayed, your bus never turns up, and your train is an over-packed sweaty nightmare.


Your computer will be sluggish and your phone will struggle to store all your hilarious dog memes.

You will feel completely out of step with the world and you’ll definitely want to cry about it.

The good news is – it won’t last long. The retrograde will officially end on March 28 and we will move into happy-go-lucky Aries season.

Until then, Mercury retrograde in Pisces is the perfect time for you to reassess your emotional connections and how you communicate with others.

It’s also the time to think about what really matters to you, and to tie up any loose ends before we move into the next zodiac cycle.

So cry about the toast and yell at strangers on the bus, it’ll all feel a lot brighter soon. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯