We regret to inform you that Mercury Retrograde is back and so are your past resentments.

There are two types of people in the world. Those that cower in the face of Mercury Retrograde, and liars.

And folks, we regret to inform you that it’s back.

Nobody is safe. Image: Giphy.

From February 17 to March 10, might we suggest blaming every single inconvenience on the astrological event? Our Pisces and Aquarian pals will be feeling the harsh burn of Mercury Retrograde particularly strongly, so how about a hibernation-based approach to ease your pain?

The star signs when there's a problem at work. Post continues below.

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To make matter even worse, Mercury Retrograde will be occurring while the planet is in Pisces. For all their wonderfully empathetic and caring traits, they can also be a touch over-reactive and sensitive, i.e. you, for the next 19 days.

Writing for Cosmopolitan, US astrologer, Kyle Thomas, says that because Mercury "is all about logic," this astrological clash will leave us feeling "dazed and confused".

"You will be very sensitive at this time," he said.

"Your intuition will be strong, though, so be sure to balance your mind with your heart. Pay heed to the messages the universe sends you."

Communication will be a particular sore point and you might feel as if all your unresolved issues are back to haunt you. Things like past resentments, former relationships and 'that thing you keep on putting off' will continue to pester you until you make amends for good.

That also goes for that email you haven't been responding to or that conversation you keep putting off. Instead, you must make like a Nike commercial and Just. Do. It.


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Now, here's how you fix, or at least, control things. Previously speaking to Mamamia, Lynette Arkadie of My Energy Mentor shared her hot tips to beat the astrological funk.

Lynette's tips on how to retrograde-proof things:

  • Choose to ride the waves and feel the power.
  • Back up all electronic devices and secure electronics.
  • Double check plans - packing, dates, travel plans as well as meeting times and plans.
  • Organise insurance and plan for natural earth shifts.
  • Tend to any outstanding things like that flat tyre or wobbly screw ASAP.
  • Ensure all language and communication is clear in emails, texts, invitations etc. It can be easy for something to be received the wrong way or go awry.
  • If there is an emotional outburst ​(​yours or someone else’s​), take a moment. Wait to discuss further until everyone can talk calmly and clearly.
  • If making any big decisions, take your time, follow your intuition and be flexible and move with the changes.
  • Expect things to be slower or delays and prepare fully.
  • Have back-up plans should weather change suddenly or plans change suddenly. Remain calm. Look for solutions or what’s great about what is happening.
  • Slow things down and allow time.
  • Embrace change where possible but also implement change with gentleness, patience and mindfulness - not everyone will react well.
  • The good of experience is usually only realised at the end of the period, so, for now, that's the end of August. So focus on a longer game.
  • Prepare for sudden plan changes - go with it. You will end up where you need to be if you let go and flow.
  • Remember that powerful new creation comes out of a certain degree of chaos.

But if you do spend the next 19 days feeling as if you are a lone sock stuck in a washing machine of emotion and confusion, just remember that you are not alone.

March 11 is coming.

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