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"A year ago my life was perfect. Then overnight my world came falling down."

“A year ago, my life was perfect, except as I was about to find out, it wasn’t.”

In December 2017, we witnessed the relationship breakdown of Australian cricket player Nathan Lyon and his long-term partner Melissa Waring.

Paparazzi photos of the spin bowler, 30, kissing real estate agent Emma McCarthy, 26, surfaced online – Waring told media waiting outside her south Sydney home that Cricket Australia had informed her about the paparazzi shot.

“I think seeing his car sitting in the drive way and his washing sitting here, that probably gives you enough of an idea [as to whether we were still together when the photos were taken],” she told the Daily Mail at the time.

“We have two small children who I have to put first and unfortunately at the end of the day I’m the one who’s being f**ked around here.”

Almost three months have passed since that day. Now Waring is speaking for the first time about life after her relationship became a national headline.

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“If anyone had asked me about my life at the start of last year, my answer would have been pretty simple. I was a 29 year old woman, with two incredible little girls and an incredible partner who I endlessly loved and adored for nine years,”  the 29-year-old wrote on her blog Life of Lyons.

“For the past seven of those years, we have travel around the world. I have supported him and his dream of playing professional cricket for his country, raising our two gorgeous children, at home, in hotel rooms and on tour. Trying to making the most of our crazy, incredible life as a family unit of four.

“Overnight I became a single mum to two children, overnight my world was rocked to its core and it changed forever. Life as I knew it was over and my soul mate was gone, leaving me and our girls to pick up the broken pieces and try to find a way to move forward alone.”

Waring and the couple’s two daughters Harper and Milla were regulars in the stands at Lyon’s many cricket matches since he was promoted to the Australian national side in 2011. His career took their family to Sri Lanka, India, South Africa, Bangladesh and the West Indies.


Waring was her partner’s biggest supporter, often posting on Instagram and Twitter about how proud she was of her partner and his success.

Meanwhile, to make matters even messier, “sources” close to Lyon claimed he and Waring had been separated at the time the paparazzi photos were released, and had been for some time.

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“Nathan and Mel aren’t together, and have been separated for some time,” the source told Daily Mail in December.

Waring denies those claims, and says the intention for her blog “isn’t to shame the person or people involved”, rather it’s an outlet for her grief.

“In the weeks following my public breakup, I was contacted by so many woman [sic], woman who had been through similar experiences… more than ever I started believing that every person who has been through or is in this situation or any other horrible situation for that matter, want someone to relate to.

“They want to know they aren’t alone.”

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