We asked 5 of Melbourne Fashion Week's best-dressed celebs what they're shopping for next.

In case you missed it, it's Melbourne Fashion Week right now – with stylish events staged around the city to celebrate the best of Australian design and show off the new spring/summer collections.

Runway shows and parties aside, it's also a great chance to suss out the celebrity style and see how the fashion set are dressing for the new season.

The Mamamia fashion team was on the ground at the opening show, the Urban Garden Runway in Melbourne's CBD, and caught up with a handful of influencers, TV stars and stylists to find out what they're wearing right now – and what they're looking for next. Here's what they told us.


Olivia Molly Rogers.

Dressed by her longtime stylist and friend Paul Versace in a head-to-toe monochrome outfit, Rogers described her signature look as "feminine, bold and experimental". 

"I'm such a colour girl – I'm from Adelaide, and everyone in Adelaide wears colour," the former Miss Universe Australia explained. "So when I first moved to Melbourne and it was this sea of black, I was like, "What have I done?" But I feel like it's coming in now and I see more Melbourne people wearing colour and I love it."


As for what Rogers would buy at the shops right now, she's eyeing off a designer splurge.

"I kinda want to treat myself at the moment, so maybe an expensive bag," she told Mamamia

"I bought myself my first Prada bag recently, and there were two that I wanted and Paul was like, "just get both", and I said, "you need to calm down". So I got one, but now I want the other one... It's sparkly. I keep thinking about it, and I think that's when you know that you need it – if you go away from it and you're still thinking about it constantly, you've just gotta get it."

Sharon Johal.

The former Neighbours star, who is currently competing on The Block with her husband, arrived straight from the program's set and was glad for a change of outfit from her high-vis vest and hard hat. 

Wearing an Atoir suit jacket and fitted skirt by Bianca and Bridgett, she styled the look herself because she "thought Fashion Week was next week," and considering the workload at the pointy end of The Block, we're honestly not surprised.


"I'm all about comfort these days," she said of her style - the actor is currently on the lookout for a good pair of high-rise jeans, and isn't vibing the current low-slung pants trend. 

"I can inadvertently go low-rise when they're not quite fitted properly, but I wouldn't feel comfortable [in them]," she said.

Like Rogers, Johal is also a fan of bright colours going into summer.

"We're from Melbourne obviously, so it's very easy to put a black look on and look very chic, but I'm loving these strong, bold choices... if you put that out there then you're spreading a bit of love into the world."

Maxine Wylde.

Melbourne-based influencer Maxine Wylde got the colour memo too, in a two-piece from independent label Ginn styled with her go-to statement accessories. 


"My style is mismatched, colourful, and chaotic," the content creator shared. "I'm a big online shopper – if you follow me you'll know that; I'm unhinged."

She's currently on the lookout for (more) shoes, and as for trends she's loving, Wylde IS a fan of the low-rise movement. 

"I've surprised myself," she told Mamamia. "When I was a teenager I hated low-rise, but now everything I wear is low-rise." 


Sharing her advice for styling them, Wylde said to opt for a top that sits lower on the stomach. "You can't do cropped; I think that's the trick."

Maria Thattil.

I'm a Celebrity's Maria Thattil chose on-trend hot pink for her opening show outfit: teaming a Valentino bralette with a pinstripe suit, also from Atoir.

"My style is a really good mix of masculine and feminine," she explained of her look.

The former Miss Universe Australia said she's inspired by the street style seen at Paris Fashion Week this month – especially the trend for futuristic, high-shine fabrics. 

"I really like all the metallic intergalactic vibes," Thattil said. "One of my looks [this week] draws inspiration from that; it's really futuristic, cool and sexy."


Also attending the Urban Garden runway show was Rogers' stylist Paul Versace, AKA Styled By Bloom. Mamamia tracked down Versace to get his take on the trends and key styles he's seeing for the upcoming party season – and we couldn't let him get away without quizzing him on his best styling hacks.

"One big standout trend I'm seeing globally is rich, bold colours and prints," Versace told us, and we're definitely sensing a theme here.

"I've also recently been seeing a lot of mixing separates together... I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the back of tracksuits and loungewear [and] seeing thoughtfully curated street outfits again this summer."

Versace has recently collaborated with online retailer Runaway the Label on a collection of party dresses and bright suiting, and says if there's one item to invest in for the event season it's "a good quality blazer". 

"It's a versatile staple that can be styled with any outfit," he said. "They can be worn to a more formal cocktail event but can also be worn at a casual lunch." (The stylist called out the Francesca Blazer from the range as his top pick.)



When it comes to executing an event look – whether for a wedding, Christmas party or just an outfit for the office that needs to be dialled up for drinks later, Versace says to keep one piece of advice in mind: "Less is more. Focus on making one element of the look the hero, and avoid over-accessorising," he told us.

He also shared a styling trick he calls the "three-colour rule".

"When styling a look, I will always try to only style with a maximum of three colours," he explained. "In saying this, I think you can definitely break any fashion 'rule' if it works with the outfit... Fashion is supposed to be fun, after all!"

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Feature image: Instagram/Mamamia