The 4 biggest style mistakes women make at the races.


I think we can all agree the race track is a social minefield. If you’re in the member’s area, there are so many fashion rules to abide by, and if you’re in general admission things turn messy real fast. You start the day off in a glamourous frock and polished makeup, but seven hours later you’re eating the best pie of your life, tomato sauce down the front of your dress, heels in hand.

Since we all aim to have a classy race day experience, I spoke to fashion stylist and blogger, Inez Garcia of, to find out what the worst style mistakes are, and how we can avoid them. Here’s her top tips.

1. Trying to find a hat to match your dress.

Rebecca Judd showing us how it’s done.

>Always pick your hat first then build your outfit from there – the best race wear outfits have a tonal connection between your hat and your dress, and this is so much easier to achieve once you’ve found the perfect hat.

2. Letting your hairstyle be an afterthought.

Obviously Rachael Finch thought her hairstyle through.

Your hair needs to complement your headpiece. Don’t let the side down with lank locks.

3. Forgetting to wear earrings.

Emma Freedman always gets it right.

Whilst your hat is the focal pint, your earrings are their closet ally, framing both your face and your headpiece. Don’t skip them.

4. Wearing uncomfortable heels.


Your shoes need to look great, agreed… but no one is going to notice them if they’re in your handbag! Taking your shoes off is a big, BIG no no. Make sure you put a bit of thought into your footwear as there is only one sure-thing on race day and that’s that you’re going to be doing a lot of standing.

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What race day sins are you guilty of?