Traditionally known as ‘Ladies Day’ amongst racegoers, Crown Oaks Day is the biggest style event of the Melbourne Cup Carnival. It’s famously known as the day women take the opportunity to express their ‘signature style’.
Check it out. Here is what everyone’s wearing at Crown Oaks Day, plus some more style highlights from Melbourne Cup Carnival. We’ll be updating the gallery as we find more awesome outfits through the day, so please keep checking back in:

Jennifer Hawkins

Now whether your ‘signature style’ is tracky-dacks and your husband’s t-shirt or bootleg jeans and a blouse (complete with lactation stains) or simply, stick-with-all-black-and-you-can’t-go-wrong – surely, we can all admire a gorgeous frock when we see one? Especially when it comes with a matching headpiece.






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