Meghan Markle sneakily posted a picture of Prince Harry to her Instagram back in October (we think).

Anyone in the 21st century will tell you, there’s nothing quite so satisfying as a deep-dive social media stalk.

Thankfully, Ellie Hall from Buzzfeed has done just that with soon-to-be-royal Meghan Markle’s now-non-existent Instagram profile.

Remembering, Meghan and Prince Harry are due to be married next month and, in the process of becoming a ‘royal’, the former Suits actress deleted all her social media… But nothing is really ever gone forever in the milieu that is the internet.

What Hall’s discovered, well, it is evidence of a couple very much in love, way, way back before the headlines started.

First, she uncovered an image of Markle holding a bunch of flowers with the caption: “#Spoiledrotten, #London.”

Image from Meghan Markle's Instagram, via Buzzfeed's Ellie Hall.

(This was in July, 2016 and, judging by the size and beauty of the bunch of peonies, we'd say it's certainly a bouquet fit for a... Princess?)

But, more than this, there's apparently a photograph of Prince Harry himself wearing a Golden Girls sweatshirt in October 2016, weeks before the relationship was exposed by London tabloids.

Image from Meghan Markle's Instagram, via Buzzfeed's Ellie Hall.

Meghan posted an image of the man, who very much looks like Harry, to Instagram - the top of his head cut off - with the caption:

"I take full responsibility for this sweatshirt. He wears it well. #goldengirls #truth"


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This was in October 2016 before Sunday Express broke the story on October 31.

And, if you need further evidence, Hall has gone the extra mile. Comparing an image of Prince Harry's actual chin and smile, with the image Meghan posted. The similarity is uncanny.

We'd say that's modern investigative journalism at its finest.

Well played, Hall. Well played.