Meghan shows us you can be the Queen in your fairytale.

Meghan Markle was a Queen before she even met a prince, let alone became engaged to one.

She’s been kicking-ass her whole life, and it got her to the moment in time when she met a dude named Harry. She’s girl goals in one glowing package.

This is the actor who had to crawl out of the boot of her car to get to auditions (her car doors were jammed and she didn’t have the money to get them fixed). The girl whose life and career has been marred by discrimination because she’s biracial, even though she’s an extremely proud woman of colour. The young woman whose marriage to producer Troy Engelson deteriorated.

On Mamamia Out Loud we discuss why Meghan Markle Is The Role Model Young Women Need:

Given those factors, you can safely say that Markle’s life has been vastly different to Harry’s.

And in terms of royal brides, Markle once again stands out. Kate Middleton attended the same university as Prince William. She ran in similar aristocratic circles to him. She’s the epitome of the “English Rose“. Her late mother-in-law, Diana Spencer, and even Camilla parker-Bowles, have similar backgrounds.

Markle hasn’t had any of that. She’s divorced. Her mother is African-American. Those used to be factors that would prohibit a member of the House of Windsor from marrying someone.

But Markle’s just shown the world that she’s more than just those two things; she’s a woman who can hold her own. She hasn’t needed a prince to rescue her. Markle’s incredible life is a fairytale of entirely her own making.


Since landing her dream role as paralegal Rachel Zane on Suits, Markle has been living the dream – of every independent woman. She’s created a rich, fulfilling life for herself – a fairytale existence – and she’s been the Queen orchestrating it all.

Take a look.

Markle has a stellar career:

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Markle is an active humanitarian who uses her platform to raise awareness:



Markle already had the loves of her life before she met Harry:

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Markle has a highly-accomplished girl squad:

Markle’s fairytale deserves a happily ever after with Prince Harry. But like every amazing Queen, she doesn’t need a knight in shining armour.

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