Behold: Photos of some of Meghan Markle’s best holidays with friends have emerged.

Video via CBC News

With royal wedding fever kicking into overdrive – it’s literally just days away, people – it’s safe to say we are a little obsessed with all things Meghan Markle.

But as she prepares for a life of carefully choreographed pomp and pageantry, don’t expect to see her letting her guard down anytime soon.

And now that she’s deleted her personal Instagram account, it’s easy to forget that Meghan, 36, had a life, you know, before Prince Harry.

Which makes these photos of her kicking back on holidays with her girlfriends all the more fascinating.

Luckily for us, two of Meghan’s best friends – fashion designer Misha Nonoo and entrepreneur Jessica Mulroney – have plenty of photos of themselves and Meghan on holiday around exotic places like Madrid, Ibiza and Positano.

Yes, we had to dig deep on this one, but that doesn’t make us a stalker or anything. Does it?

Instagram or it didn’t happen.

Misha shared this photo of herself and Meghan with a friend in Madrid back in August 2016. Image: Instagram
Wine, friends and laughter - Meghan is our kind of girl. Image: Instagram
Meghan Markle
Here she is kicking back on the beach in Spain with a couple of girlfriends back in 2016. Image: Instagram
Meghan Markle
Cheers to sunsets in Ibiza. Image: Instagram
"Life gets hard... Share a glass," read this caption. Image: Instagram
Meghan Markle
Jessica shared this photo of herself and Meghan on a travel "adventure". Image: Instagram
Meghan Markle
This photo was taken in Italy back in August 2016, around the time she first met Prince Harry. Image: Instagram
Meghan Markle
"Happy wife happy life. #fakehoneymoon," read the caption. Image: Instagram
Meghan Markle
"Capri nights," read the caption on this photo, dated August 2016. Image: Instagram
Meghan Markle
"Girls trip has officially begun," read the caption on this February 2016 photo. Image: Instagram