The Queen apparently had a sassy opinion about Meghan Markle's wedding dress and... pls.


Deep down, I’ve always imagined Queen Elizabeth II to be a little like my Nan. A good person at heart, but just a tiny little bit politically incorrect.


But she sometimes says things that are outdated by approximately three decades.

And that’s okay.

Except when it’s… not.

According to a Palace insider (no srsly are these people real it’s incredibly important that we know), the Queen had thoughts about her granddaughter-in-law’s wedding dress.

In an exposé for the Daily Mail about how ‘Hurricane Meghan is shaking up the Royals,’ with such crazy antics as waking up early and texting people, Polly Dunbar writes that the Queen was “surprised” by Meghan’s choice of dress.

According to royal sources, “The Queen is said to have expressed surprise that Meghan, a divorcee, wore quite such a white dress for her wedding”.

Lizzy... pls.

That sounds exactly like something my Nan would say. While also maybe pointing out how important it is to a) wear a sensible shoe and b) not show too much shoulder.

In the 'olden days' (AKA the era when Queen Elizabeth II was married), a white wedding dress symbolised purity and chastity. Of course, had you been married before, and consummated that marriage, you couldn't then wear white again. Because rules. But also traditions. But also patriarchy.

So Meghan Markle wearing white for a second wedding - goodness! It's almost as if times have changed, and the concept of marriage is evolving.

Also, no offence... Queen, but your great great great great great great great great great great great great great great grandfather, King Henry VIII, (that's technically correct - look it up) got married like SIX TIMES. HE EVEN LOW-KEY KILLED TWO OF HIS WIVES. And no one gave a crap what he wore. When he broke the rules, they straight up created a new denomination of Christianity.


So, pls. As long as Meghan isn't killing anyone or doing any of the other weird sh*t royal people have done for all of human history, let her wear whatever the hell she wants.

Apparently, despite Meghan being quite a 'modern' lady, the Queen is actually pretty close with the 37-year-old. The only other awkward conflict was when, in June, Meghan chose not to wear a hat to an event, not understanding that if the Queen wore one, it meant she had to as well.

In her defence, can these rules be... written down somewhere. Instead of just... implied. It's hard enough to impress your in-laws without having to learn hundreds of years worth of tradition.

Especially when that tradition, for the most part, doesn't even make sense.