Why this blonde woman is in the background of almost every photograph of Meghan Markle.​

You might have spotted a well-dressed blonde in the background of photos of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry during their Australian tour.

Her name is Amy Pickerill, and she’s sure to be in the background of a lot more photos.

Pickerill is Markle’s right-hand woman. Or, to use her official title, she’s the Duchess of Sussex’s assistant private secretary.

Her job is to handle Markle’s schedule and deal with her correspondence. She also accompanies the Duchess when she makes public appearances.

She’s the one who ends up holding the bouquets of flowers thrust at Markle by adoring fans, along with any handmade cards and presents.

meghan markle assistant
See Amy pictured with the leopard folder behind Meghan Markle in Sydney. Image: Getty.

Pickerill was officially appointed to her job on February 19 this year, three months before the Royal wedding. That means she would have been helping out with wedding preparations.


So how do you get a job like that?

Well, the 32-year-old hasn’t done any tell-all interviews with the media just yet, and she doesn’t seem to be into sharing her life on Instagram, so most of the facts about her come from her LinkedIn page (which is, understandably, rather dry).

Pickerill grew up in the town of Walton-on-Thames in Surrey and studied history at the University of Nottingham, followed by broadcast journalism at City, University of London.

She worked at HM Treasury and the Royal Bank of Scotland, nipping over to New York for eight months with Ogilvy Public Relations.

In September 2016 she started working as a senior communications officer with Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry. From there, she sidestepped into the role with Markle.

There was one very brief statement from the Palace confirming her appointment.

"Amy Pickerill works as an Assistant Private Secretary in Prince Harry’s office," it read.

But what’s it like being the right-hand person to a Royal?

Dickie Arbiter spent many years as press secretary to the Queen. He told HuffPost that Pickerill would be advising Markle on what and what not to do, so there would have to be trust, respect and understanding between them.

Meghan Markle
The blonde woman seen sitting behind Meghan Markle is Amy Pickerill - Meghan's right-hand woman. Image: Getty

"The chemistry has to be right," he said.

"Obviously, Meghan Markle feels the chemistry is right."

Meanwhile, former royal aide Alex Bomberg told HuffPost that Pickerill and Markle would become very close.

"When they want to kick off their shoes in the back of the limo, when they have moments of, 'That was difficult, that was emotional,' if they’ve been to the likes of a children’s hospital, they’re there in those moments."

One more important point: if you’re a royal’s right-hand person, you don’t go blabbing about your job to the media. That explains the lack of interviews with Pickerill.

So how much would a job like hers pay? She is, after all, responsible for making sure that everything runs smoothly for one of the most high-profile women in the world.

A communications officer with the royal family earns £30,000 pounds, which equates to just over $50,000.

Pickerill might be earning something like that. Sure, it’s not a lot. But at least you'd never run short of flowers.