Megan confirms she 'found something even more amazing' than Richie on The Bachelor.

It is the allegation hurled at every person to enter The Bachelor and The Bachelorette arenas: “You’re just there for the fame.”

Most stick to the line they were there to find love, and it just didn’t happen. (Apart from Rhys and Sam who went rogue and completely admitted they were there for the limelight.)

But now, The Bachelor‘s Megan has confirmed she found something better than the main suitor in an Instagram comment defending that her appearance on the show was not simply a grab for publicity.

Megan’s shock exit after she refused to accept a rose from Richie in addition to her speculated relationship with fellow contestant, Tiffany, has proliferated claims she only went on the show to get famous.

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On an Instagram post picturing Megan and Tiffany together, one user wrote, “To be fair it is slightly confusing for a lesbian (or 2) to go on The Bachelor. They obviously weren’t there for the right reasons, just using it as an opportunity to become famous.”

After tolerating these types of comments of for months, the 27-year-old has politely silenced followers she appeared on the show for her career.

“Hi there,” Megan wrote back. “I work for NFP organisation doing what I love – the show has not ‘furthered my career’ and I did not expect it to. I went on the show to potentially meet someone amazing, and found something even more amazing. I live in a small town with a very simple life. All this hate is cruel.”

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Fans were quick to support Megan, writing that her honesty and sincerity shines through.

“These girls [Megan and Tiffany] are the most friendly and lovely girl you can possibly meet…” one wrote, “…just because someone opened up themselves up to experience something different and end up finding love in another unexpected way doesn’t mean they are looking for attention. Maybe stop judging others on how they choose to enjoy their life and put that effort in improving your own.”

And, we don’t think it could be said any better way.