The Bachelor's Megan shares a brutally honest message on Instagram following her shock exit.

In a shocking twist, The Bachelor‘s Megan Marx turned down Richie Strahan’s red rose last night before striding right out of that Bachie mansion, making her the second contestant to do so this season.

OK, so it wasn’t exactly shocking — the “we’ve got a walk-out!” cat was well and truly out of the gossip bag by the time the episode went to air — but we were sad to see her go regardless.

Shortly after the show’s conclusion, Marx shared her parting message on Instagram — and it was both classy and very amusing.

Megan's instagram post.

Captioning a photo of herself on set, the 27-year-old was quick to point out she had no hard feelings for Strahan.

"Richie is a great guy who will I'm sure find his 'Cool Banana'," she wrote.

"As for me, I have met some wonderful, strong women who basically pull the shit out of me constantly and I love them for it."

The Geraldton resident added she was glad to have been on the reality show, and to leave it when she did, concluding that "everything is in its right place."

Listen: The Bach Chat team talk to one of last year's Bachelor intruders. Post continues after audio...

This is a lovely sentiment and all, but easily the best, and most important, part of Marx's caption was the final line.

"Now. Manflesh, where are ya."

GREAT QUESTION. In light of this, we're just going to throw it out there... Megan Marx for Bachelorette 2017. Seriously.

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald yesterday, Marx elaborated on her decision to leave the Bachie mansion. (Post continues after gallery.)

"If anyone told you it's not weird to be in that situation, they've got to be lying. I'm not a very dramatic, competitive type of person, I just sort of go with the flow and in that environment it was quite difficult," she explained.

"I think more than anything my feelings for Richie couldn't develop, it was all too distracting and all too much, I couldn't do it."

Look, fair enough.

Megan, we wish you and your quest for manflesh all the very best.

Featured image: Channel 10/screengrab