Our biggest question about Megan Marx on Bachelor In Paradise has finally been answered.

Megan Marx not only made history on the fourth season of The Bachelor (when she dumped Richie mid-rose ceremony and found love with a fellow contestant), but she’s become the first openly bisexual person on the show’s Australian Bachelor In Paradise spin-off.

But the second she stepped foot on the tropical island of Fiji and told Osher she was interested in pursuing “both girls and guys” while on the show, the program’s elimination format seemed to put the 29-year-old at a unique disadvantage.

You see, each elimination ceremony either the women or the men are given ‘the power’ to hand out roses to whoever they feel they have a ‘romantic future’ with. The only problem: it appears contestants are only given the opportunity to give a rose to the opposite sex.

So what happens if Megan forms a romantic connection with a fellow female contestant? Can she give her rose to another woman?

It’s a question viewers – us included – have been asking for weeks, and Megan has finally set the record straight on how the rose ceremony process works for her.


“A question I keep getting asked: Can I give my rose to ANYONE? Since I’m openly into guys AND girls?” the West Australian wrote on Instagram last night.

“I love that [Bachelor in Paradise] and [Osher] have given me a platform to be who I am and show alternate sexualities. Yes, I am aware that I was going into a show where people would be predominantly straight.

“I came onto the show looking for a monogamous relationship, that’s all. And so – the answer is that YES – I was allowed to give my rose to anyone.”

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She also added that, despite feeling concerned she would make “women on the show feel uncomfortable” because producers wouldn’t divulge which other contestants might also identify as bisexual, “not one person in Paradise made me feel less than normal, less than loved, less than accepted”.

She also answered fans who questioned whether she was gay or straight.

“My innate sexuality hasn’t changed since before I can remember,” she wrote.

“Just because I’m with a woman, it doesn’t make me a lesbian. And if I am with a man, it doesn’t make me straight.”

Megan dated fellow contestant Tiffany after appearing on The Bachelor. Image via Instagram.

But despite her clarification that she could giver her rose to anyone she wanted, fans were still unclear as to how, logistically, that would play out.

"But what happens when the girls are giving the roses? How would you give your rose to a girl then if they're already safe? That's what I'm confused by," one fan asked.

Others speculated that Megan's clarification meant the 'rules' of the rose ceremonies would soon change.

"They must change the way the rose ceremonies are done at some point to allow girl to girl or guy to guy roses?" one fan mused.

And with Megan and Elora - who arrived on the show last night and is teased to have a romance with Megan - sending each other flirty messages in the comments section, perhaps we'll get to watch the whole thing play out sooner rather than later.

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