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The logistical issue with Megan Marx entering Bachelor In Paradise.

Who can forget Megan Marx? The 29-year-old Bachelor In Paradise star will go down in history as being one of the biggest actual living plot twists in The Bachelor franchise.

After emerging as the favourite to win 2016’s Bachelor Richie Strahan’s heart, Megan epically quit the show, only to later hook up with Tiffany Scanlon – another Bachelor contestant.

And while things didn’t work out with Tiffany, their well-publicised romance pretty much turned the pair into bisexual icons.

Well, now Megan is giving love another chance on Bachelor In Paradise, and so far things have been going well for her. She’s been seen sucking face with Jake Ellis, and is rumoured to hook up with Elora Murger.

But here’s the thing with Bachelor In Paradise (and The Bachelor and The Bachelorette): it’s fundamentally heteronormative. It’s a show structured solely to facilitate heterosexual relationships, and it has a set of unique problems for anyone who deviates from that narrative.


On Monday night’s episode, Megan addressed her sexuality.

“Obviously I like girls and guys. I don’t know if any of the girls are gonna swing my way, but if they do… we’ll see what happens,” she told Osher.

While it was refreshing to see a discussion of bisexuality take place during prime time TV, it wasn’t acknowledged that Megan might be significantly disadvantaged unless the rules change. The show is based around guys exclusively giving roses to girls, and girls exclusively giving roses to guys. So what if Megan falls in love with a woman? There’s no way for her to keep that woman on the show, or for that woman to keep Megan on the show. Their relationship, essentially, wouldn’t be recognised.


It’s not the first time the show’s heteronormative narrative has raised a few eyebrows.

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Last year, openly bisexual US Bachelor contestant Jaimi King appeared on the American version of Bachelor In Paradise.

According to Refinery29, her portrayal on the hit series was problematic for several reasons, and not just because “the unnecessary emphasis on her sexuality was annoying”.

Apparently they also made her out to “lack sexual morals, boundaries, and control” – all because she’s bisexual.

It will be interesting to see if Megan fares any better on the Aussie version of the show.