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"Two is enough." The moment that made Megan Marx decide that she was done with reality TV.

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt from the ousted Bachelor in Paradise contestants it’s that the shows are *shock horror* quite heavily edited.

From Jarrod complaining that post-production was making him more red-faced then necessary, to entire relationships being skipped over – like the one between Blake and Megan, the Bachelors and Bachelorettes have complained that not everything was as it seemed.

However, there was one incident that made the 29 year old decide to put a very swift end to her reality television career, and we can see where she’s coming from.


Speaking to, Meghan agreed with fans who were angry over Channel 10’s queer-baiting over the hinted relationship between Megan and Elora – who viewers later realised was actually Thomas Perras.

The openly bi-sexual, WA native said that she completely agrees with outraged fans, and has made her annoyance to Channel 10 known. Adding to her anger was that she had “offended and upset” members of the queer community, who she supported during the same sex marriage plebiscite last year.

“I was frustrated, and Channel 10 knows that. It’s definitely queer-baiting,” she told the publication.

“I don’t have control over editing or promotion or any of that stuff, so it was frustrating. Not a whole lot that I could do about it but make a public statement and say that it sucks,” she said referring to the Instagram post she made after the episode aired.”

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When asked whether she would reappear on the Bachelor franchise , Megan’s answer was clear – a very definite no to both the Bachelor and any future reality TV shows.

“I’m done with reality TV. Not keen on doing any more shows. Two is enough,” she said.

However, despite this she still managed to leave the show finding love – or something close to it, and has confirmed that her and Jake are still together months after filming.

We’ll just have to keep a keen eye on their Instagram for any future relationship updates.