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EXCLUSIVE: Blake opens up about the relationship that never aired on Bachelor in Paradise.

When Blake Colman didn’t get a rose on Monday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, there was an entire storyline about the 30-year-old the audience was missing.

Yes, he was the man behind Lenora-gate, completely botching the name of the woman he was trying to give his rose to, but apparently he was part of another blossoming romance – one that never made it onto our screens.

According to Blake, he and Megan Marx were in fact the Bachelor in Paradise couple that could have been.

Megan Marx and Blake Colman
The Bachelor love story that we had absolutely no idea about.

Posting to Instagram after Monday's episode, he wrote of Megan, "I have never felt what I felt when we hung out and I want to thank you for showing me how to truly love another person again".

"Although I broke down in my next day interviews because I missed you already, I totally respect your choice because I know Jakey will def make you happy as he is such a legend of a man."


Speaking to Mamamia on Tuesday, we asked Blake to explain this seemingly out-of-the-blue relationship, and apparently there was an immediate attraction between the two.

"When Megs rocked up I thought she was an amazing chick," he said.

"We had a really good chat straight up, but we just started spending a lot of time together."

"We just got along together so well, and I wasn’t expecting it."

He said they had "so much in common," and got to know each other as Sam and Tara (Megan's room mate) were getting closer.

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"It's not even funny," he clarified.

"We shared a similar upbringing, amongst many things," he said, referring to their religious childhoods.

There was also a particularly intense cocktail party conversation between the two that Channel 10 chose not to air.

"I poured my heart out at that cocktail party and [there were] a lot of boys who said 'just give him a chance', but she had a tough decision.

"It’s just how it is," he said, telling us that after last night's episode aired even Megan was surprised at what did and didn't make the show.

"She messaged me on the night and said, 'hey, I can’t believe they didn’t show anything.'"


But it wasn't just Blake who was enamoured with the 29-year-old. Speaking to Mamamia, Mackane 'Mack' Reid said he also had a connection with Megan.

"Blake doesn’t really know this, but Megs and I had some really good conversations as well," he said after being eliminated from the show.

"She’s an intelligent, articulate woman and we had some in-depth chats.

"We had a similar upbringing as well, Blake and I had quite a religious upbringing and that was it."

But they're not bitter about their stories not being shown.

"There’s so much content they had to put on. There’s so much drama and that’s better for viewing. There’s so much stuff that was hilarious," said Blake, with Mack agreeing.

Let's just say we would pay a lot of money to see the uncut version of Bachelor in Paradise.