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Why fans think Megan Marx' latest Instagram post is mocking Matty J and Laura's baby news.

Yesterday, we were gifted a Bachie baby announcement and we could barely contain ourselves.

Yes, Bach faves Laura and Matty J are expecting in 2019, exciting news which has come after the couple sadly miscarried at seven weeks earlier this year, Daily Telegraph reports.

Naturally, the announcement sparked a flood of congratulatory posts and comments for the ecstatic pair.

A few hours later, however, fellow Bach alum Megan Marx posted her own “announcement post”, which many people saw as a direct response to Laura and Matty J’s.

But while her message was conveyed in her signature cheeky sense of humour, it’s received varied responses from her fans.


Posing with Bachelor in Paradise boyfriend Jake Ellis, the reality star seemed to poke fun at pregnancy announcements in general, using a little… toilet humour (it’s a poo joke – and who doesn’t love those?).

The post was captioned:

“I am proud to announce that @jakeellis86 and I will be expecting to deliver two very big sh*ts this afternoon after an amazing Saturday morning breakfast.”

“We will be updating our fans along the way! Thank you for all your support. (I love that everyone is getting married and having babies though!)”

Well… that’s certainly one way to cut through the inevitable flood of baby/engagement announcements at this time of year.


In the comments section, Jake added: “You’re sooooo sweet babe, been an exciting day! F*CKING LOLLLL”

While the post was  meant in harmless jest, many social media users have criticised Megan, calling her out for “seeking attention” in light of another couple’s exciting news.

“Trying to get attention after Laura and Matty J’s announcement. #sad,” one said.

“Lol sounds like you just need to put something up cause everyone else has great news and you don’t! grow up! no one cares!” another added.

Others, however, seemed more offended by the graphic nature of the caption, calling her “childish”.

“I just don’t find it funny and I appear to not be the only one. Grow up I say! Your 29, not 5. My 6 year old has more manners (sic),” one said.

“Such a crass statement to describe a nice breakfast.. Think of your audience.. I guarantee many would not think this is funny and simply f*cken gross…” another added.

It had its fair share of positive comments, too, with many fans commenting that Megan is hilarious and applauding her down-to-earth personality.

Speaking to Mamamia, Megan said:

“That’s terrible to think anyone would be offended.

“It wasn’t directed at or about anyone in particular – back home all my friends are getting married and announcing pregnancies which I think is beautiful.

“I’m not even close to being ready for that, which is why the fact we’re ‘delivering sh*ts’ was funny to me (and 95 per cent of people who commented)… It was a lighthearted joke mocking ME not anyone else,” she added.