Matty J has apologised for an, um, accidentally rude selfie of him and Laura Byrne.

Nothing brings more joy than watching a dog greet its owner after not seeing them for a while.


So when The Bachelor‘s Matty J posted a series of Instagram story videos of him and Buster, Laura Byrne’s adorable three-legged dog, picking her up from the airport we were loving it.

He surprised her with Buster!! Image: Instagram.
Laura Byrne
Awwwwwwww. Image: Instagram.

It was seriously cute, guys.

They then posted a family selfie because, duh.

matty j laura byrne
Cute........ But wait... Is that...

Cute, huh.

But wait.

That's not...

Is it?



Matty must've received lots of messages from fans pointing out that Buster seemed a tad uh, over-excited, about seeing Laura again because he later apologised for 'graphic content'.

matty j instagram


Poor pup. It's a totally natural canine reaction. And at least no one can question that dog's love for its parents.