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Megan Marx hired a man to remove furniture. Then he reached for her breasts.

Bachelor alum Megan Marx has recounted a scary experience she had after she hired a man on Airtasker, who she claims sexually harassed her while on the job.

Detailing the encounter on her Instagram stories, the former Bachelor in Paradise star explained the man, who she paid via the outsourcing app to move some furniture pieces, “took it upon himself to make me feel pretty uncomfortable”.

“Alone in a house with a rather large, tall man who was acting the way he did, really scared me,” the 30-year-old shared with her 172,000 Instagram followers.

“Telling me I was beautiful was fine. I said, ‘Thank you.’ Asking me whether I lived alone, if I had a boyfriend and if he could kiss me, was not.”


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The man then took his harassment against Marx further when it came to the former reality TV star paying him.

“When I paid and asked him to leave, he came very close to me, put his hands on my hips and said ‘you are perfect here’, to my breasts, ‘and here,'” Marx, who appeared on Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor, continued.

“I pushed him away and said he was making me uncomfortable. So he asked if I would kiss him (??). I said no.

“After a few minutes of this, he took hold of my shoulder and pulled around to grab my a–.”

When Marx threatened to call the police, the man stopped.

“Nothing ‘happened’ aside from being scared, being groped by someone who was paid to do some work for me, and verbally harrassed,” she continued. “I was wearing trackies and a jumper (even if I was dressed otherwise I don’t deserve this) and gave him zero reason to behave this way.”

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Marx appeared on Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor. Image: Instagram.

On Friday, Marx shared on her Instagram stories that Airtasker has been "amazing" since she posted about her chilling encounter.

"Honestly [Airtasker has] exceeded my expectations on dealing with the matter with understanding, support and professionalism," Marx, who has recently published a fictional thriller book titled Episode Eight, said.

"And no, they haven't asked me to post anything and have not mentioned my Insta stories etc. - just followed procedure. So kudos to them," she continued.

Marx became well known after appearing on Richie's season of The Bachelor, and later appeared on the first season of Bachelor in Paradise in 2018. She left the show in a relationship with Jake Ellis, however the two have since broke up.

Mamamia has reached out to Airtasker for comment.