Bachelor star Megan's latest photo leaves fans asking her if she's gone under the knife.

Former Bachelor contestant Megan Marx is no stranger to speculation.

Before she and fellow Bachelor star Tiffany Scanlon confirmed they are a couple, the 27-year-old had been the subject of rumours about her sexual preferences and relationship status from fans.

So it’s no surprise that eventually the topic of discussion turned to her chest.

Commenters have begun speculating the WA woman’s breasts are the result of surgery and not the genetic lottery.

“Megan- in the nicest way [are they] real? I ask as for ages I’ve considered a little help! I think yours ads (sic) natural but thought I’d ask,” one commenter asked on a recent post.


“I have the same question as Sarah, are they real? If not, where did you get them done, my god!” wrote another.

Megan has been anything but shy while flaunting her body in many of her Instagram photos, but we predict that unlike her relationship status – which she eventually confirmed – the reality star will be keeping quiet on the truth behind her breasts.

As she has every right to.