Megan Gale slammed for doing what is natural for any new mum.

Aussie supermodel Megan Gale has just taken down a social media troll in a very surprising way.

Megan Gale is not shy in front of the camera, that is a known fact. She’s also not shy on social media, which is why she posts lots of lovely photos of herself, her smokin’ hot partner, her dog and now, her baby.

But one of her followers was not happy with her “excessive” posting.

Megan and River. Image via Instagram.

The war of words began when Megan posted a video of her baby River bouncing around to the tune of Country Grammar, by Nelly. An Instagram troll called her out for being “boring”, before referring to Megan’s dog and cat in the video, claiming that she was “as bored as the animals”.

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That’s where things got more intense than her model stare. She defended her choice to share pictures and videos of her son River, calling the commenter a “silly little girl” and stating “Instagram is for whatever [an] individual wants to post about in their life. My child is a huge part of my life and I will post about him when I like.”

Ouch. Feel that burn.

But it didn’t end there. Megan continued to pen a full scale take down of the troll. Have a look:

Burn, Megan. Burn.

The commenter then responded with:

“Shouldn’t you be parenting or spending time with your son rather than worrying about what I think? I have gone to work today and I flick through social media to unwind and the last thing I want to see is your child or any other. Why don’t you make a page for him and keep yours for you?! Why do kids not have a right to privacy. Isn’t there a reason ‘celebrities’ try to hide their kids from the public eye?”

Megan, looking fierce. Image via Instagram.

But Megan got the final word when she wrote:

“Okay you really can’t grasp what I’m saying and when I see the ill nature of your comments I can’t really be surprised as you can’t really see sense and logic. So seeing as you refuse to simply, quietly and classily unfollow someone whose post you don’t like and instead continue to spread hate I will lend you a hand and block you. You’re welcome.”

On behalf of photo-sharing-loving-mothers everywhere: Megan, we salute you.

Do you think there is anything wrong with parents sharing pictures of their children online?

A version of this post originally appeared on iVillage and has been republished with permission.