Meet Sydney's ghost whisperer, a woman who helps spirits "move on".

Denise Litchfield is an experienced ghost whisperer – she helps spirits “move on” and trains others how to use their psychic abilities.

“It’s not something where you go I’m going to be a ghost whisperer, that’s just not how it happens.

“It’s usually just something that happens out of an ability that you have already, that’s already present,” said Denise Litchfield.

The 56-year-old says she has always seen spirits and it was so normal that she can’t even remember the first time it happened.

“As a kid I was terrified of the dark, but it wasn’t the dark, it was the things in the dark,” she said.

From her experience as a ghost whisperer she has found children are very in-tune with the spirit world.

Albert, 3, told his mother there was a woman in his room. Image supplied.

"When children see things in the dark, or they scared of the cupboard door being open, or they think there's a monster under the bed - it's not monsters. It's just that they don't know what they are."

"Psychic kids are a very real thing," said Litchfield.

She believes children "haven't been clouded by the rational mind" and their "beautiful sensitives" have not been quashed by adults.

Litchfield recently helped a Sydney family get rid of a ghost that was bothering their three-year-old son, Albert.

Albert's non-believer parents decided to accept Litchfield's help because their son - who normally talked about cars and trucks - had repeatedly told them there was a woman in his bedroom who screamed at him.

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"I was at the top of the staircase facing Albert's bedroom and he was sitting on the bottom step on the bottom of the stairs. I was tuning into this lady and I felt Albert tuning into the whole procedure.


"We weren't saying anything, I was - in my mind - talking to this spirit and telling her - 'hey, did you know you were dead' and that kind of thing and once she stopped freaking out and suddenly realised where she was in time - it was like she was waking up from a dream."

This is Litchfield's process. She has conversations with spirits to help them move on and she says "other spirits come and help the one that needs to go back home".  She says in this case the ghost's mother came to help.

"As soon as she came and saw her mum the whole energy lightened up in the house and she went. Just at that point Albert, who was sitting down the bottom of the stairs said: 'It's alright now Mum we can stay, she's gone.'

"I didn't say a thing and that was awesome bit, because not only did that ratify that I wasn't just talking to someone in my head, it also meant that he was tuning in."

Denise's dog used to help her with her work. Image supplied.

Litchfield teaches psychic development and says she can train anyone but students need to be genuinely interested.

The first thing she teaches is healthy boundaries and how to practice the craft during set hours.

"We're always in charge. So we're the ones who tells spirit you can come or you can go." she said.

The Sydneysider says she has clear office hours and is able to let spirits know when she is available.

"People that say  - 'I'm bothered by a spirit' - or are bothered by messages, they just need to know how to control themselves," she said.

"What if you had people lining up coming into your office 24 hours a day, you'd have enough of it after a while...You wouldn't let strangers into your house either.  So I find one benefit of having basic psychic training is that the boundaries have a ripple effect out into your regular world.

"Because if you've got some boundaries energetically then that's going to report into having strong boundaries with other people."

Her partner, Don, is also a ghost whisperer. The pair were called to clear a female share-house in Federal because no men would ever stay the night. The ghost would only talk to Don.

"Don tuned in to this gentleman and as it turned out this guy shot himself. He blew his head off. He returned from the First World War and came back so traumatised and unable to deal with his experiences he had," said Litchfield.


Denise and Don "found a spot that was particularly intense around the stove."  Image via iStock.

"When Don was speaking to him he said  - 'I don't talk to women because it's not something to the women need to know about'."

Don helped the ghost move on, but while he was communicating with the spirit he was moved to tears.

"He was feeling the pain and the anguish and grief that this man had carried for so long, so we helped him move to where he belonged and after that the boyfriends could stay, so happy ending there."

Litchfield isn't interested in the "muggles" or the non-believers. She is not trying to prove scientific fact or find proof but she hopes she can dispel a few assumptions about ghosts.

"They're not Earthbound, there's no such thing and they're not stuck either," said Litchfield.

Her work is nothing like a horror movie. "There's no such thing as a scary ghost," she says.

"A lot of the times when you are scared it's usually because you're not expecting to see it and you probably don't have a framework to put that experience into. Because if it's totally out of your realm of experiences and that's when you going to get scared.

"Once you actually look at it and you go 'I wasn't scared I was startled'  - that's two different feelings."

Of course ghosts don't scare a ghost whisperer but in fact Denise Litchfield has never seen one.

"I generally do have an impression of what they look like. I've never seen them...that's not really a criteria but some people seem to think it is."