'This is unnecessary and unsolicited.' Mechanic's creepy text to customer.

There are very few times we want to hear from our mechanics, after all speaking with them is usually followed by a big, expensive bill.

But hey, that’s still better than harassment.

Unfortunately, one woman received the latter when her mechanic sent her a random, unsolicited text.

Somehow, the mechanic thought it was a good idea to text one of his customers out of the blue to tell her she was gorgeous.

Spoiler: It was not a good idea.

In the exchange shared by the woman’s sister of Twitter, she is clearly confused by the random message and asks who it is.

The man replied: “Your favourite oil change guy,” still unaware of how inappropriate and downright creepy he was being.

The woman clarifies whether he is the man from Jiffy Lube, an American car servicing chain, to which he replies “Yes ma’am. I couldn’t help but let you know.”

…Again, so creepy.

The woman was rightly disturbed to realise the man must’ve gone through her files to find her number and message her.

She decided it was a “teachable moment” and replied with a long, composed and frankly, awesome, message.

She told him that while he was intending to give a compliment, “it was completely unnecessary and unsolicited” that made her feel unsafe and as a customer, their only correspondence should be about her car maintenance.

“When you contacted me, I felt a little panicked because you went back in my file and got my number… I have other personal information like my address saved there as well. It is a violation of my privacy for you to contact me from your personal phone with information that you got without my permission.”

She explained that there are men who stalk, rape and murder women by getting their information this way.


She said she would not report him for violating her privacy but she wanted him to understand how inappropriate his message was.

The man apologised, and then she hit him with this: “Oh, and you didn’t tell me what the tyre pressure was on the rear passenger tyre like I asked, so you are definitely not even in my top five favourite oil change guys.”

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