McDonald's are removing the humble cheeseburger from their Happy Meals.

McDonald’s Happy Meals are about to get a little happier for health-conscious parents.

The fast food giant announced on Friday they’re planning on dropping cheeseburgers from their Happy Meals starting from June this year.

But Aussie kids don’t have to worry just yet, with the plans only being rolled out across the US at this stage.

The move comes as the restaurant tries to make their menu healthier after facing pressure from the public.

Kids will still be able to order hamburgers or McNuggets with their meal, but you’ll have to put in a special request if you want a cheeseburger. Parents can also ask for chocolate milk as a drink alternative.

The McDonald's Happy Meal is about to get a makeover. Photo: Getty Images

The company is also making the fries in Happy Meals smaller, and is now offering bottles of water after removing soft drinks from their kids menu back in 2013.

In 2011, they also introduced apple slices as part of the Happy Meal.

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Macca's says these new changes will cut down on calories by 20 percent and will halve the amount of sugar in the meals.

It's probably only a matter of time before we see the same changes here in Australia. While we'll be sad to see the humble cheeseburger go, we admit it's probably a good thing for our kids' health.