McDonald's Australia launched the Big Brekkie Burger and the rest of the world is so mad.

McDonald’s in Australia has just launched a Big Brekkie Burger, and it’s pretty bloody amazing. So amazing, in fact, that the rest of the world is not-so-quietly hating us right now.

But as we take another bite, our care factor is sitting at approximately zero.

The burger is only available before 10.30am, and it’s pretty much everything you could ever want in a breakfast burger – beef patty, hash brown, egg, melted cheese and BBQ sauce. Mmm…

It costs $6.95 and is currently only available in Australia, which has created a bit of a stir around the rest of the world.

McDonald's Big Brekkie Burger
Australian McDonald's Big Brekkie Burger has the rest of the world drooling. Image: McDonald's

"McDonald’s Australia just won breakfast," reported Esquire Middle East.

"It looks incredible. And if you want one in the UAE [United Arab Emirates], you best move to Australia."

Oh, yeah. They also casually called it "the greatest burger on earth". No big deal.

America is also experiencing some serious food envy, with website Bustle settling the score at: "Australia: 1, America: 0."

"If you see something glistening on my face, it's the string of drool on the corner of my mouth," they added.

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Even Twitter has gotten in on the action, with burger aficionados begging Macca's to bring the Big Brekkie Burger to their respective countries.





Yep, it's good to be in Australia right about now... Now if you'll excuse us, we have a burger to polish off.