PSA: You can finally stalk The Bachelorette's Matty J on Instagram.

Stop what you are doing RIGHT NOW and head on over to Matty J’s Instagram page. Because, after many prayers days of waiting, he’s finally set his previously private page to public.

You’re welcome, ladies.

We’re not going to pretend that we just stumbled upon this discovery… no, we’ve most definitely been hitting refresh ever since the credits rolled on Thursday night’s Bachelorette finale waiting for this very moment.

Without further ado, we bring you the VERY IMPORTANT things we’ve learned about Matty J since he bestowed the gift that are his selfies upon us all.

He likes the beach.

Can’t believe this was only 3 days ago. Cheers for the hangs @hollylollypop

A photo posted by Matty J (@matthewdavidjohnson) on

Oh? What do you mean ‘going to the beach’ also means ‘having to take your shirt off to swim’?

We…we hadn’t noticed that at all.

We just thought that Matty must be really passionate about marine biology or ocean conservation. Also, he obviously wants an even tan, and we can’t be mad about that.

He’s got more tattoos than we ever realised.

Couple momentos before I depart

A photo posted by Matty J (@matthewdavidjohnson) on


We were mesmerised by Matty J’s rose tattoo on the final few episodes of The Bachelorette. But now we’re learned that Matty J is more inked up than we ever could have known.

For instance, did you know that Matty is the proud owner of thigh tats? Well, now you do. #ThanksInstagram

He’s as good an Uncle as we saw on the show.

Took this little weapon on his first flight with @katej86

A photo posted by Matty J (@matthewdavidjohnson) on

Oof, there goes our ovaries.

Matty J really wasn’t lying when he said he was close to his sister and his nephew, George. His feed is peppered with happy family snaps and yes, George out-cutes Matty in many of them.

He travels A LOT.

Making my way to the top of this guy

A photo posted by Matty J (@matthewdavidjohnson) on


We all know that Matty J spent a few years living and working in London. It looks like he also made the most of living abroad, travelling all throughout Europe and posting pictures to prove it.

He’s a model.

Times are tough so I’m coming out of retirement.. Mer-Mann!!

A photo posted by Matty J (@matthewdavidjohnson) on

Which, let’s be honest, we all kind of knew anyway…

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