'She's just the best person ever.' The Matildas' lives off the field.

The Matildas are the pride of the nation and right now, they're gearing up for the 2024 Paris Olympics after playing against China this week in the 'Til It's Done Farewell series.

While women's football team are on the field, their partners are cheering them on with the rest of Australia (or even playing themselves).

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From engagements to weddings and babies, here is everything we know about these Matilda relationships.

Mary Fowler and Nathan Cleary.

Mary Fowler and Nathan Cleary. Image: Instagram/@maryfowlerrr


Mary Fowler became a face and name to remember at the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup. 

Following her impressive performance, rumours surfaced about who she was dating. She was photographed hanging out with Penrith Panthers' halfback Nathan Cleary in July 2023.

In January 2024, Mary hard-launched her relationship with the rugby player on social media, sharing a series of photos with him. 

Mary Fowler and Nathan Cleary. Image: Instagram/@_nathancleary


When she's not playing for Australia, Mary is contracted to Manchester City Women's Football Club where she plays in the Women's Super League. 

In March, Nathan flew to Manchester, England, to visit her.

Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis.

Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis. Image: Instagram @samanthakerr20.


Matildas' Sam Kerr and American footballer Kristie Mewis may be competitors on the field, but they're as loved-up as can be off it.

The pair sparked dating rumours in 2021 when they were seen embracing after Sam lost a game to Team USA. 

Less than a week after the viral tender moment, the Australian sportswoman confirmed her relationship on social media with a post of the pair kissing. 

Both Sam and Kristie competed at the Tokyo Olympics and in November 2021, Kristie opened up about the reality of being in a long-distance relationship. 

"I hadn't seen her in so long, so, of course, it was like crazy that we were going to be at the Olympics together and crazy that we were going to be playing each other," the American athlete told Just Women's Sports Snacks podcast.

"It was obviously so cool that she was there and that we were playing them, but also obviously with COVID-19 times and stuff like that… I couldn't really see her that much. And it had been so long already — it had been months."

Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis. Image: Instagram @samanthakerr20.


Two years into their relationship, Sam shared what it is like dating a competitor. She told the UK publication Gaffer about their intense chemistry. 

"It was about three or four months until we could hang out in person," the Aussie athlete recalled. 

"The first time we ever met there was quarantine so we had to spend two weeks together the first time we met.

She added: "I was thinking if I don't like her this is going to be awkward."

In September 2023, Sam and Kristie announced they were engaged. 


Sam Kerr and Kristie Mewis. Image: Instagram/@samanthakerr20.

In December 2023, it was reported that Kristie was preparing to move to the UK to be closer to her fiancé. 

And in the documentary Under Pressure, Kristie was open about being "done" with the long-distance aspect of her relationship with Sam. She also spoke about her relationship with the Aussie footballer. 

"Sam, she's just like the best person ever," she said. "I feel like everybody says that about their partner, but I just feel so lucky that she likes me.


"Sometimes I feel I have impostor syndrome and I'm like, how is she choosing me? How am I good enough for her?"

Katrina Gorry and Clara Markstedt.

Katrina Gorry and Clara Markstedt. Image: Instagram @cmarkstedt.

Australian-born football player Katrina Gorry did not know she would meet the love of her life when she went to Sweden. The local club Vittsjö had recruited the athlete, but it is where she met fellow teammate, Clara Markstedt.


Katrina was happy, single and had even given birth to her daughter, Harper, in August 2021 through IVF, when she met Clara. 

"When I went over to Sweden, love was not something I wanted to think about. It was just me and Harper. I never wanted to get married, and I think I had pushed away love or being in a relationship," Katrina told Mamamia's No Filter podcast.

In June 2023, the pair got engaged after 13 months of dating. 

"We had a picnic by the water, played some cards and Clara showed me a video of our past year together," Katrina told Woman's Day. 

"She wrote me a letter, told me to close my eyes and got down on one knee. It was beautiful."

"I said no at first because I was in shock and then I said, 'Of course, yes!'" she said.

In November 2023, Gorry and Markstedt announced they were expecting a baby together, with Markstedt carrying their child. 

They shared the news on social media with the caption: "Adding more love to our love story."

Katrina Gorry and Clara Markstedt. Image: Instagram/@cmarkstedt.


Emily van Egmond and Kat Thompson.

Matildas midfielder Emily van Egmond knew Kat Thompson was the one for her "early on" in their relationship.

After meeting in 2022, it was clear their relationship was special, Emily told New Idea

"I feel like she brings out a really good side of me," she shared. "I’m very happy."

And in May 2023, Emily proposed to Kat, a digital content creator, on a cliff overlooking the ocean in San Diego, California. 

Emily van Egmond and Kat Thompson. Image: Instagram @emilyvanegmond10


"From the first date there’s never been holding back, it’s been so comfortable – as if I’ve known her a lot longer," Kat told the publication. 

While we don't know much about their relationship, including their wedding date, we do know that Emily splits her time between Australia where she plays for the Matildas, and the US where she plays for San Diego Wave FC.

We also know the couple are planning to wed in the athlete's home country.

"We are aiming for the summer," she told New Idea. "It’s not going to be a massive crazy wedding."


Emily van Egmond and Kat Thompson. Image: Instagram/@emilyvanegmond10

Ellie Carpenter and Daniëlle van de Donk.

Elly Carpenter and Daniëlle van de Donk. Image: Instagram @elliecarpenterr.


Ellie Carpenter plays for both the Matildas and the French club Olympique Lyonnais — which is where she met her now-partner Daniëlle van de Donk. 

The pair sparked dating rumours in February 2022 when they were spotted having dinner together on Valentine's Day. However, nothing was confirmed until three months later when both athletes celebrated the Lyons winning the Champions League. 

In a photo shared on Instagram, the pair were both seen wearing medals and holding the cup. Daniëlle captioned the picture with, "This one is special."


In January 2024, Ellie announced their engagement, sharing a photo of her and Daniëlle on a beach in the Maldives. 

"My person for life," she captioned the selfie on Instagram.

Ellie Carpenter and Daniëlle van de Donk. Image: Instagram @elliecarpenterr.


Steph Catley and Dean Bouzanis.

Steph Catley and Dean Bouzanis. Image: Instagram/@stephcatley


After a chance encounter in Melbourne, while footballers Steph Catley and Dean Bouzanis were playing in the W-League and A-League, it was clear the pair had chemistry. 

It wasn't before long that Dean slid into Steph's DMs on Instagram after she walked past him at a shopping centre. She didn't see him waving. 

"I think he was just too shy to say hello!" she shared. "So that's how Dean and I started talking, and that's how he got me hook, line and sinker."

The couple officially began dating in January 2017, with Dean admitting they had kept it quiet for a while. 

"It's unusual for two people at the same club to start dating," he shared. 

But just three months into their relationship, Steph had to fly to the United States to play for Orlando Pride. Dean took a risk and flew to spend the off-season with her. 

"That was only about three and a half months into our relationship, so it was a big move on his behalf that early on," Steph told The Athletic


"But if he hadn't done that, it probably wouldn't have worked because I was in America for so long. At the beginning of a relationship, that's probably too much distance without knowing someone that well."

In January 2023, Dean proposed, dressing up their dog Calvin in a tuxedo and decorating their home with red heart balloons and a "Marry Me" sign.

Steph Catley and Dean Bouzanis. Image: Instagram/@stephcatley.


Mackenzie Arnold and Kirsty Smith.

Mackenzie Arnold and Kirsty Smith. Image: Instagram/@mackenziearnold.

Aussie goalkeeper Mackenzie Arnold has been dating Scottish footballer Kirsty Smith since 2022. 

Like a few of the Matildas players, Mackenzie met her partner through... you guessed it, football. Both Mackenzie and Kirsty play for West Ham in the English league. 

While the couple are a little more private on the details of their relationship, Kirsty has happily supported Mackenzie including during the World Cup. 


"Beyond proud of you! Nothing more special than watching you play on the world stage and live your dream. No one deserves this more and there’s so much more to come," Kirsty wrote on Instagram. 

Mackenzie Arnold and Kirsty Smith. Image: Instagram/@mackenziearnold.

Mackenzie previously told 9Honey the pair are professional when it comes to playing for the same team. 


"When you’re in a team environment, you're always going to be teammates, that’s just the reality of the job. But I don’t think in any aspect we try and separate it, it just comes naturally," she said in January.

Cortnee Vine

Cortnee Vine and Charlotte Mclean. Image: Instagram/@cortneevine.

The Matildas forward Cortnee Vine is currently dating up-and-comer on the Young Matildas squad, Charlotte McLean. The pair have reportedly been an item since 2019. 


While she doesn't spill many details on her relationship, the 26-year-old did tell Optus Sport that she's never felt the need to "come out" to family, friends or online.

"We kind of looked at it like we shouldn’t have to do that, like why do we have to 'announce' that we're together, and sit down with the parents and all that stuff?" Cortnee explained. 

"We didn't do any of that, which was cool, and I think it was the best way for us to approach it. It helps obviously that we've got families that are very accepting."

Cortnee Vine and Charlotte Mclean. Image: Instagram/@cortneevine.


Emily Gielnik and Temica Sayer.

Temica Sayer and Emily Gielnik. Image: Instagram @emilygielnik.

Emily Gielnik has one of the longest relationships in the Matildas, having been with Temica Sayer for close to nine years. 


Emily admitted that there was once a time when she didn't feel comfortable sharing her happiness with the world. 

"My mum being Croatian... being gay was frowned upon, so I never saw how I was going to come out and tell my family," she said in an interview. 

"So I tried everything to live this lie for years. There was a lot of dark times."

She is just one of the many legends who have had to deal with harmful stereotypes and homophobic abuse in the sport, but she said football was "the saving grace".

In the Disney+ documentary, viewers at home got to watch as Emily flew in from the UK a day earlier than planned so she could propose to Temica. 

"I reckon I've done the flight 40-45 times from Australia to Europe. This was one of the rough ones. There were no sleeping pills that were going to alleviate what was going on in that flight. I was overthinking a fair few things," she said. 

"I'm nervous thinking about it, I'm sweating [but] I'm ready to marry the girl of my dreams."

he proposal didn't go exactly as planned, but it didn't make it any less special. 

"I went blank, I literally froze. Everything that I planned to say I left in the hotel room," the footballer recalled.

"It was really Temica who helped me break down finally being okay being in a same-sex relationship," she shared. "She deserves this more than anyone. It should have been a long time ago but better late than never."


In August 2023, Emily and Temica got married.

"Truly the best day of our lives," they shared.

Feature Image: Instagram @emilygielnik, @katrinagorry10, @maryfowlerrr.

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