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A definitive ranking of who will win MasterChef Australia 2020.

We are down to top nine of MasterChef Australia 2020. That may seem like an odd point at which to call the winner. But hey, we're just that invested.

Below, I have compiled a list of whose unbalanced/under-seasoned/shallow-flavoured dish is going to send them home next; from Sunday night's all-in street-food elimination, right through to the finale. 

No matter what happens on Masterchef, we'll always have Katy Perry. Relive the magic of her episode below. (Post continues.)

Video via Channel 10.

'Based on what?' I hear you ask.

Good question. 

I could walk you through some highly advanced modelling based on past performance and predictive analytics, but I didn't actually do any of that. 

Instead, I used a mix of womanly instinct, unashamed favouritism and a few spoilers from The Daily Mail.

So here we go. In a very particular order...

9. Khanh Ong

A forensic analysis of the promo for Sunday night's episode has led me to conclude that Khanh is going home next. 

By which I mean they're setting it up to look like Emelia is going which means she definitely isn't, and there are lingering shots of Khanh, and the words 'fan favourite' are used. 


AND the tabloids have reported that he doesn't make the top six... and... and... I just have a hunch.

8. Tessa Boersma

Tessa is probably the most versatile cook in the joint. 

Technically skilled, intuitive, knowledgeable. I don't anticipate a major stuff up sending her home. 

She will likely only be felled by someone else pulling, as Andy would say, "a really cracking plate of food" out of their backside.

7. Callum Hann

...will still be happy when he leaves, because he's Callum. 

The mums of Australia, meanwhile, will be very sad because "he just seems like such a nice boy".

6. Brendan Pang

Sweet, Brendan. You are too good for reality television. 

Run, run far away. (Preferably towards my house, say, around dinner time...)

5. Reece Hignell

This one will hurt most of all. 

But at least we will get an uplifting montage of his best moments; like that time he hid beneath his bench when Katy Perry approached, and that time he won two challenges in a row and someone said, "It's Reece week" and he replied "Oh my god, it IS Reece week." 

That was fun.


4. Emelia Jackson

We all know Emelia's cake business is going to blow up, so we can take comfort in that when they say her name. 

But maybe have some pastry on hand, just in case. #comfortchoux

3. Poh Ling Yeow 

Prediction: Poh will attempt an overly ambitious cake/tart/pie and spend the final four minutes staring into the oven, willing it to cook faster. 

It will, and she'll plate it up just in time. But then she'll realise she left a crucial element off the dish. 


She'll be eliminated and everyone will cry. Even Jock.

2. Laura Sharrad

OK. Yes, there will probably be pasta involved in Laura making it to the top two. 

But the woman knows her strengths. Ride that ravioli to the end, girl!

1. Reynold Poernomo

If you need justification for this, I can't help you.

And there you have it. The definitive ranking of who will win MasterChef Australia.

Feature image: Channel 10.

Who do you think will win MasterChef Australia 2020? Change my mind in the comments below.