MAFS' Martha and Michael shared some suss 'breakup texts' and we have precisely 6 questions for them.


Ah yes, this is just what we needed.

One of the only Married At First Sight success stories are potentially playing with our emotions and we’re simply too vulnerable for this right now, Martha and Michael.


Martha shares advice for her five-year-old self. Post continues below video.

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The MAFS 2019 couple have both uploaded a series of texts that appear to be a fight between them on Instagram, and on the surface it looks like they’ve broken up. Take a look for yourself:


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2020… didn’t think it could get any worse.

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I’m not about to go into a back and forth, but honestly this is so dramatic…

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Martha then followed the post up with some more ~cryptic comments~ on her Insta story from Monday night, saying she had the whole bed to herself.

“Since we’ve been spending so much time at home and we can’t leave so much sh*t has come to my attention, like things that I just didn’t know where happening and I’m so frustrated, I’m so over it,” she said, in what sounds a lot like a breakup message? Except? So vague?

“You think you sign up for one thing and you get another,” she continued.

“Anyways, I’m just done. I’m too old for this and I just feel like, I just know that there is better out there and I know that I deserve better. So, I’m just going to leave you with that.”


The apparent 'breakup announcement' seems... suss. And we're not the only ones to think so.

Here are precisely 6 questions we have.

1. Is this an ad for a telco/internet provider?


It sounds like Martha and Michael have a bad internet connection and are upgrading.

"I need better support"?? "I want a better connection"??

"Sometimes there is no connection, like at all!"

That sounds exactly like the internet issues that plague my apartment building at least three times a week, and we're not the only ones with this suspicion.

Their MAFS co-star Mel Lucarelli commented: "Hahaaa which Tel-Co could this be?"

2. Does Martha just need a new phone?

This could equally be her expressing regret over her choice of phone and how much is Apple paying you guys?

3. Is this how ads... work?

Faking a breakup for an endorsement deal is such a 2020 thing to do.


4. When do we find out what telco this is for?

Like, can we get an ETA on this announcement? We don't believe the breakup but we're too vulnerable for this to drag on any longer.

5. What's... a... Zaddy?

I feel like if we use our imagination we can figure this one out, but why didn't someone warn Martha's poor mother Mary???

martha michael breakup
martha michael breakup

5. Can we all agree pranks are banned right now?

I'm pretty sure April Fools Day was 1. cancelled due to this entire year so far feeling like a prank and 2. A WEEK AGO, MARTHA AND MICHAEL YOU'RE TOO LATE.

Our emotions are heightened and yesterday we cried at a documentary about penguins, so we really don't need this alleged, probably-fake breakup on our plates too, ya dig?


Then all we have left is Cam and Jules and that's not enough.

We need this cleared up urgently, please and thank you.

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