Married at First Sight's Justin just put a big rumour to rest.

From the moment we all met Justin Fischer – the 41-year-old entrepreneur matched with Carly on Married at First Sight – viewers had quite a cynical question: is he… is he really a millionaire tho?

Our suspicions grew even more when the father-of-two took Carly to Rushcutters Bay, only to explain that yes, he did have a boat, but unfortunately, he had just sold it. So, um, he didn’t actually have a boat. And instead they were just staring at other people’s boats.


Other evidence that maybe he wasn’t really a millionaire included his very basic office (which didn’t match at all with the fancy one he was filmed in during the first episode), his fairly average apartment, and the fact that according to the Daily Mailhe’s listed on


But guys, we can all relax now.

Because on Saturday, Justin uploaded a photo to Instagram of him on a boat. And not just any boat. His boat. Named Paulo.

Surely no one would lie about a boat named Paulo. That’s just… sick.

In the caption, Justin wrote, “Not long now and we’ll be back on the harbour again!!” which begs the question: is he going to buy another boat? Maybe he should’ve done that before he took a woman to see his boat?

Of course, there will always be doubters. One commenter wrote, “you didn’t have a boat like that,” which seems… rude.

I will, however, make one petty point.

Listen: Married at First Sight is the poor man’s Bachelor. Post continues after audio.


He says his boat is called Paulo. And the friend with whom he’s sitting on his alleged boat is called ‘Paulie’. Coincidence? Or Justin being very uncreative in choosing a fake name for his fake boat?

All we can do is wait for Justin to release his taxes, as he should, so we can all assess once and for all if he really is a millionaire.

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