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The awkward clues that the Married at First Sight stars used Airbnb houses for home visits.


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It seems we’ve got yet another bizarre Married At First Sight rumour on our hands.

On last night’s episode of the reality show, the wives visited their husband’s hometowns for the first time.

But there was one home in particular that caught the attention of some eagle-eyed fans.

As Susie visited Billy’s home in Byron Bay, some fans questioned whether the home was an Airbnb rental, rather than Billy’s actual house.

After all, how the heck does a 28-year-old barista own a home in Byron Bay?!

We need an explanation, pls.

married at first sight fake
Fans think Billy's home might be an Airbnb. Image: YouTube.

"I feel like a lot of Airbnb hosts are doing well out of this series," one fan wrote on Twitter during the episode.

"I don't think that's Billy's real house... probably an Airbnb," another wrote.

Fans also pointed out what appeared to be a strange editing fail throughout the episode.

When Billy and Susie "visited" Billy's photographer friend John at his house, John's house appeared almost identical to Billy's...

In fact, he had the same red couch, the same kitchen and even the same computer set up on the dining table in the background.

married at first sight fake
Billy's and John's kitchen look exactly the same... Image: YouTube.
married at first sight fake
What... Image: YouTube.

Erm, awkward.

Although the Airbnb rumour may sound far-fetched, it seems there might be some truth behind it.

On the Airbnb website, there's an apartment available for rent in Victoria which was reportedly used as the set for former MAFS couple Melissa and John's "house" on the show.

married at first sight fake
Oh. Image: Airbnb.

Former Married At First Sight star Dean Wells, who married Tracey on the show, has also confirmed that Airbnbs have previously been used by producers on the reality show.

"No offence to Billy but how does a 28-year-old barista live in a mansion in Byron?" Dean wrote on Instagram.

"The house for my home stay was an Airbnb, as at my real home I had a flatmate that didn't want to be filmed."

married at first sight fake
Image: Instagram.

Last year's contestant Gabrielle also used an Airbnb instead of her own home on the show as her then 'husband' Nasser complained that her real home was not up to his standards.

What do you think? Are the home stays legitimate? Let us know in the comments.

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