Married at First Sight fans question why the "appalling" attack on Cheryl wasn't stopped.

Married At First Sight viewers have questioned why husband Andrew’s verbal abuse of Cheryl wasn’t stopped.

Audiences watched on in horror during the “boys’ night” as the 38-year-old insulted Cheryl’s intelligence, said he considered himself a single man and pretended to grope her breasts.

During Tuesday night’s episode Andrew refused once again to admit he had done anything wrong, telling the 25-year-old instead that she was “full of sh*t”.

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While the backlash against the man himself was fierce on social media, several Twitter users also targeted the producers and crews, criticising them for not stopping the attack.

Viewers said they would have liked the show to “take a stance” rather than let the “disgusting display” continue.

The couple’s argument began when, in front of his ‘wife’, Andrew began listing women he finds hot, and Cheryl interjected, “If I said your mates were hot you’d lose it.”

Andrew replied: “You’re so full of sh*t, hey.”

The fight continued after Cheryl told him not to say that, and he mocked her voice.

Uh oh.

At this point, even experts agreed the fight had descended into very uncomfortable territory.

"So now he's getting really nasty," Mel Schilling said.

As the conversation progressed to what happened on the boys' night, the grooms defended their friend, while Sean stood firm, much to the delight of fans.

We think fans will agree that at least the producers got Sean's casting right.

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